05 February 2009

Josh's Dream

My brother, Josh posted this as a bulletin on Myspace....it made my chest tight.

the weirdest dream.it was set back when i was younger but i was the age that i am now.i took the hand of my youngest sister Whitney(who was around 5 or 6 years old) and we were walking through a museum.she went to get a sip of water from the fountain and i told her that i had to go do something and that i'd be back.that's when i got in my car and left,having no intentions of going back and just leaving her there to wait.out of nowhere,the waterworks began to flow.i was cursing myself and that's when i decided to turn around and go back.then i woke up.my pillow was soaked from the tears that i shed.i don't understand why i was crying in my sleep.that was the first time i've actually cried in over 3 years.i know i sound like a homo but i don't care.maybe it's a sign.or that i need to talk to my sister more often.i'm at a loss for words.suggestions?

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