24 May 2010

Let's all go to Gullah Gullah Island...

After my last post, I was looking through some old clips from shows that I used to watch. I loved these shows and they don't make them like they used to. These were some of my favorites:

Wishbone *This one is my all-time favorite!!
Reading Rainbow *Of Course I love this one!
The Magic School Bus *We even watched this at school!
As Told by Ginger  *Macy Gray!!!!! Probably where she got her start! HA!
Ahhh! Real Monsters Genius!! This show was "da bomb", to quote my childhood self. ha ha
Clarissa Explains it All *love!!! I would totally still watch this!
Are You Afraid of the Dark? *I wanna watch this right now!
Eerie Indiana *Didn't last long. :(
Pete & Pete *Mom's Plate..hahahaha
The Secret World of Alex Mack * I collected hats and wore them a LOT because of this show...
FIgure it Out *Aaron Carter is on this episode!! HA! And the little brother from Pete & Pete.
Double Dare
Angela Anaconda *...Nannette nam...nam..what?
Ren and Stimpy
Caitlin's Way
Animorphs *I think I was crushing on a few of those guys..ha!
Wild and Crazy Kids
What Would You Do?
Weinerville  *This show didn't last long...
Franklin  *My sister still remembers this, she named her turtle Franklin...:P
Little Bear * I still have one of the books!
The Bernstein Bears *theme song was written and performed by Leanne Womack!
Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat *Sometimes I still say.."Sagwa you're my best friend..." I don't know why..weird.

I still know ALL of the theme songs!!!!! It's crazy! Why can't shows still be like these? If these shows still came on, even as reruns, I'd be watching them. Seriously!
These are only SOME of the cartoons and shows I remember...Do you remember any more from the 80's and 90's?

F.Y.I. Almost all of the shows have a link if you click the name. :) Enjoy the nostalgia!

I'm in love....

with a book. A series actually. HA! (And of course, I'm in love with my hubby.) But this post is about the books. :) Several years ago, I started reading the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. I fell in love! I read them as fast as she was putting them out. I couldn't get enough! And then...there were no more. I got all the way up to 10 or 11 and she hadn't written anymore, so I read other books. I noticed she had come out with 12, 13, 14, and then 15. I was working, didn't have time, forgot or was reading something else, so I never got around to checking them out. Now, I'm catching up!! So far this month I've read 18 books. (not all by Janet Evanovich.)

Here is my book list for May: (listed by the day I finished reading the book)

8 May- "Daddy's Little Girl"- Mary Higgins Clark
8 May- "A Girl Named Sooner"- Suzanne Clauser
9 May- "One for the Money"- Janet Evanovich
9 May- "Two for the Dough"- Janet Evanovich
10 May- "Three to Get Deadly"- Janet Evanovich
18 May- "Four to Score"- Janet Evanovich
18 May- "High Five"- Janet Evanovich
19 May- "Hot Six"- Janet Evanovich
20 May- "Seven Up"- Janet Evanovich
20 May- "Hard Eight"- Janet Evanovich
21 May- "Lost & Found"- Jacqueline Sheehan
21 May- "To the Nines"- Janet Evanovich
22 May- "Ten Big Ones"- Janet Evanovich
23 May- "Eleven on Top"- Janet Evanovich
23 May- "Twelve Sharp"- Janet Evanovich
23 May- "Visions of Sugarplums"- Janet Evanovich
23 May- "Plum Lovin'"- Janet Evanovich
24 May- "Lean Mean Thirteen"- Janet Evanovich

I know..I know. I read a LOT! But..I do read really quickly. Especially if there's no one interrupting me. :P (I know I have to read a lot before Jeremy comes home, because then, I'll be spending most of my time with him!)
And although I have already read the series up to the tenth book, it has been a few years, so I re-read them to catch myself up. :) I really recommend this series. They're suspenseful, without being grotesque. And the characters are really lovable...in their own ways. ha ha. The other books I've read this month were good reads too.
Of course, you don't have to take my word for it.- LeVar Burton
Who loved as Reading Rainbow a child?? ha ha. I know I did!

19 May 2010


Well...I've been away for awhile....away from the computer that is. Not to mention I didn't want to fight with my laptop while it decided whether or not it was going to cooperate long enough for me to write a new post....
Last Tuesday, I was supposed to be going to my Best Friend, Jaybee's house to get away from the norm...I was checking my emails and found one from my FIL letting me know he had found a car for me and that it was ready to be bought! So, I was telling my Mom about it and since I was going to get a rental car anyway to take to Jaybee's, Mom suggested we get a rental for one day and just drive to Pensacola to get my new ride. So, that's what we did! I got a Silver '05 Impala! Paid in full! :) 

I'm so proud of us since we really saved up to get a decent car. I went from an '88 Toyota Camry with 190k miles to a car that's only 5 years old! Sweeeeet! While we were there we decided to spend the night on the beach since it had been forever since we'd been! It was awesome! Hardly anyone on the beach and no oil in sight! :)

My feet! :) Took forever to get this shot!

We had a great time and it was great to see my In-Laws. :) Thankfully they will be up at the end of the month on their vacation! 

After we got home on Wednesday, Mom and I crashed. I think I went to bed at 8pm! Got up around 10 or 11am. (Can't remember now. ) And headed to Jaybee's house. It was great to get away for awhile and not have to worry about anything. I got to sleep in a great bed...
Colt's Cars™ Bed

Got to eat some Sherbet without sharing. And it was in a really awesome bowl too....
Shelby's Dora the Explorer Bowl with my Peach Sherbet! Yum-O!
AND..I got to hang out with Colby (a fellow FRG member and Army Wife)! We went shopping and out to eat for lunch. Then we went to see her new house and her pets! 

        Zoi the Shih Tzu and Stewie        


and Tuff

Lulu, Cash and Merit

I really enjoyed the horses, since I had never pet one before! Their noses are soooo soft! And Colby's horse, Cash was really sweet! :) I can't wait to go see them again.

After we left her Mom and Dad's (which is where the horses live) we went back to Hunts-Vegas and saw The Book of Eli. It was awesome! I definitely recommend seeing it! 
All in all...I've been super busy and have been having a great time. I can't believe May is almost over! I'm so excited! Jeremy will be coming home soon! :) Hope everyone has been having a good week!

10 May 2010

Thanks Mama....

for being my Mama! For always being there for me. I don't know what I would do without you! 
 Josh and Mom circa 1983
I couldn't find any pictures of you and I, but I did find this one of you and Josh. I love this picture! You are so beautiful in it and you still are now! 

Thanks for repeating yourself a million times. You and I both know that I wasn't listening the first 20 times. I'm sorry.

Thanks for giving advice on anything we needed to know whether we asked or not. 

Thanks for showing me how to be a good Mom someday.

Thanks for always being an encouragement to Jeremy and I. We are forever grateful to you! 
 Mom and Jeremy @ the airport the day he Deployed

You are such a good support buddy for me as I await Jeremy's return. I'd be lost without you! I love our silly moments!

Thanks for making that LONG cartrip to Oooooooooooooooooklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains....) with me. I wouldn't have been able to go were it not for you! And I had a blast! We laughed so much on the way there and back. I'm sure people were looking at us like we were crazy. haha.

Mom and I in the rest area bathroom in Arkansas. Getting pretty before we go see Jeremy. :)

*Mom...you were pretty  before! Even though we had been driving 11 hours!*

Thanks for being a great Mimi to my nephew! I can't wait til I have kids and they're calling you Mimi! :) *I'll try to get them to say it as their first word!!* :D
Mom and "Booger" 2008

Thanks for all you do Mama! I love you so much! Thanks for being my Mom and my friend! You're the best Mama I could ever hope for! I guess I'll keep you! ;)
 Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mama! I love you! 
Love, "Ben"

07 May 2010

Isn't this still America: Land of the FREE?

I thought, that as Americans, we had the freedom to wear whatever we want? Even children in school have that freedom unless it is a private school with uniforms (excluding of course, "gang" memorabilia, vulgar, or revealing clothing). Right? Apparently I thought wrong....

In San Francisco, CA, 5 high school students were sent home for wearing clothing with American Flags on Cinco de Mayo. Apparently, the clothing was offensive to the Mexican-American children. Excuse me, but this ticks me off! Read this quote:

"They said we could wear it on any other day," Daniel Galli, one of the boys, told San Jose's KNTV. "But today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday, so we were not allowed to wear it today."
I have nothing against Mexican-Americans, but Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday. Look it up!
Read what Wikipedia has to say. It's the celebration of a battle won in Puebla, Mexico. Most MEXICANS don't even celebrate it!

If those 5 boys want to represent the country they LIVE in, I don't think they should be punished at ALL! I personally don't find the American Flag offensive. Nor would I find a child wearing the Mexican flag offensive. I would really like to ask that Assistant Principal if he would send home a child wearing a flag from any other country on the Fourth of July?? Seriously?

You can read the rest of the article here.

Please, feel free to leave your input in a comment.

05 May 2010

Dear Deployment....

I hate you! I want my Husband home and I want him home safe and sound NOW!
I'm tired of sleeping without him and the dog is tired of being kicked.
I have 9 pillows on the bed and they still don't make up for the space my husband takes up.
I miss picking up clothes from around the hamper because he just can't ever ring the basket.
I even miss tripping over his stupid boots.
I miss having someone to talk to when I've had a bad day.
I miss all his corny jokes.
I miss asking him, "Honey, what do you want for dinner?".
I miss doing laundry together.
I miss fighting over the covers and who gets which pillow. :)
I miss watching movies together and falling asleep on the couch when it's too boring.
I miss kissing him whenever I want.
I miss tickle fights and pillow fights.
I miss holding his hand.
I'm tired of the sleepless nights and the worrying.
I'm mad that I can't Skype twice a day anymore.
I'm angry that we have to pay to talk to each other.
I miss seeing my Husband's face everyday.
I miss saying our prayers together.
I miss hugging him.
I miss all the mushy things a wife misses of her Husband.
I miss having my own place and I'm tired of living with Mom. (Although I appreciate her letting me stay here!)
I miss my best friend.
So please deployment....can you be over soon!?

Waiting (somewhat) Patiently,

03 May 2010

Redneck Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I know...I know..It's a strange name for a blog..but just wait. You'll probably be rolling on the floor holding your side laughing like I was after I had this phone conversation with my husband.

Mine and Jeremy's 2nd anniversary is coming up in 7 weeks. I was asking him what he might like me to send him. ( He will still be in Afghanistan, so I can't send him anything valuable or, food-wise, anything that will melt.) So, he was looking online to see what might be available for him to get me and came across the list of acceptable anniversary gifts. ( I actually used this list last year for our first anniversary and in keeping with the traditional, I got him a journal...which is still as blank as the day I bought it....) He informed me that he thought a woman had to have written the list since it was all stuff for women. He asked me if there was a men's list of gifts. I laughed and explained that probably it was written for women since they were probably the only ones who were supposed to get a gift. LOL. Here is how our conversation went:

Jeremy: Why isn't there a list for men stuff?

Me: I don't know...what do you think should be on it?

Jeremy: Definitely not this junk....I know what I'm getting you for our tenth anniversary....(it's aluminum)..

Me: What's that? A can of Coke?

Jeremy: Yes...a whole 6-pack of 'em.  

Me: Oh ok....So what do you think should be on the list?

Jeremy: You gonna write it down?

Me: Yep.....(opens Notepad)...ok shoot...


1st anniversary- fishing lures...They come on paper!

Me: What about for women?

Jeremy: They already have a list...this if just for men.

2nd- flannel cuz it's in the cotton category. 

3rd- Rod and Reel
4th- Bait/ Deer Pee

Me: *laughing* wow....

Jeremy: (overlooking my laughter)
5th- it's wood so....power tools.
6th- used truck part- "yeah"
7th- Lets go with a boat.

Me: soap?...

Jeremy:..no, a BOAT...

Me: a boat?


8th- clay pigeon..

Me:clay pigeon?! *I was laughing so hard by this point*


9th- tree stand.
10th- guns and ammo (if you make it that far you'll probably be ready to use it..)


Jeremy:..you know I'm just playin!

Me: I know.....are you gonna finish the whole list??

Jeremy: No....well..I'll do the eleventh.

11th- it might be pretty expensive,..but it might be worth it by the time you get this far.....ready for it?....I'm only kidding though....a divorce...

Me: Really? LOL...

Jeremy:actually...for the 11th it would be a second bachelor party.


Jeremy:..I'm just playing.

Me: I know....*laughing uncontrollably*

See what I mean? Hilarious. He was so serious too..except for the 11th. :P So ladies...if you're wondering what to get your Hubby for your anniversary..you can always use the Redneck Wedding Anniversary Gifts list.....LOL...I love my husband. :)

01 May 2010

Boo-Boo Bunny...

Throwing a babyshower? Or just taking a gift? Here's a really cute idea I found for party favors or just to put in with a gift basket/bag. Boo-Boo Bunnies! They're really cheap to make and super-cute! 
Here is what you'll need:

Regular washcloths (any color or themed pink for girl, blue for boy, white for unknown, etc...)
Small pompoms 
Medium pompoms
clear rubberbands (can find great ones in the hair accessories)
ribbon (I recommend a thin ribbon that won't fray)
small-med. google eyes 
hot-glue gun

Begin with an unwashed washcloth. Lay on a flat surface with one of the corners facing you.
 Start by rolling the corner towards the center. Not too tight, or the bunny won't be fluffy enough. :) The pre-fold makes it easy to know where to stop. 
 Next, roll the other side towards the center.
 Then, fold the rolls in half with the split to the outside and the part on the surface (shown above) to the inside.
 Then fold that in half backwards leaving most of the ends on the top. See example below.
 Next, tie off the part that will make the head with a rubber band (I used white twine since I had no rubberbands). There should be a little more body than head. Adjust as necessary. Add your ribbon next to cover up the rubberband.
 The front of your bunny should look like the example above. I used a thin pink ribbon on a pink washcloth since this is for a girl. :) 
Next, attach your bunny's tail with hot-glue. If you're doing more than one boo-boo bunny, you can mix up the colors of the tails. On this one I used a white pompom with glittery fibers and on the others I used pink pompoms.

 Next, attach your google eyes and nose. Be careful about using too much hot-glue or you will have glue on the outside edges of your eyes and nose. 
 After that, just let the glue dry really well. And you can add the message below by printing off several (if you're making more than one) or it can be handwritten. 

If a boo boo has you feeling crummy,
Stick an ice cube in my tummy.
Hold it to your boo boo tight,
Soon everything will be all right!
These are super-easy to make and kids can help too! You can always use tacky glue instead of hot-glue. It's just faster to use hot-glue. :)
Hope everyone enjoys this little project! 


PitaPata Dog tickers


PitaPata Cat tickers


PitaPata Dog tickers