03 May 2010

Redneck Wedding Anniversary Gifts

I know...I know..It's a strange name for a blog..but just wait. You'll probably be rolling on the floor holding your side laughing like I was after I had this phone conversation with my husband.

Mine and Jeremy's 2nd anniversary is coming up in 7 weeks. I was asking him what he might like me to send him. ( He will still be in Afghanistan, so I can't send him anything valuable or, food-wise, anything that will melt.) So, he was looking online to see what might be available for him to get me and came across the list of acceptable anniversary gifts. ( I actually used this list last year for our first anniversary and in keeping with the traditional, I got him a journal...which is still as blank as the day I bought it....) He informed me that he thought a woman had to have written the list since it was all stuff for women. He asked me if there was a men's list of gifts. I laughed and explained that probably it was written for women since they were probably the only ones who were supposed to get a gift. LOL. Here is how our conversation went:

Jeremy: Why isn't there a list for men stuff?

Me: I don't know...what do you think should be on it?

Jeremy: Definitely not this junk....I know what I'm getting you for our tenth anniversary....(it's aluminum)..

Me: What's that? A can of Coke?

Jeremy: Yes...a whole 6-pack of 'em.  

Me: Oh ok....So what do you think should be on the list?

Jeremy: You gonna write it down?

Me: Yep.....(opens Notepad)...ok shoot...


1st anniversary- fishing lures...They come on paper!

Me: What about for women?

Jeremy: They already have a list...this if just for men.

2nd- flannel cuz it's in the cotton category. 

3rd- Rod and Reel
4th- Bait/ Deer Pee

Me: *laughing* wow....

Jeremy: (overlooking my laughter)
5th- it's wood so....power tools.
6th- used truck part- "yeah"
7th- Lets go with a boat.

Me: soap?...

Jeremy:..no, a BOAT...

Me: a boat?


8th- clay pigeon..

Me:clay pigeon?! *I was laughing so hard by this point*


9th- tree stand.
10th- guns and ammo (if you make it that far you'll probably be ready to use it..)


Jeremy:..you know I'm just playin!

Me: I know.....are you gonna finish the whole list??

Jeremy: No....well..I'll do the eleventh.

11th- it might be pretty expensive,..but it might be worth it by the time you get this far.....ready for it?....I'm only kidding though....a divorce...

Me: Really? LOL...

Jeremy:actually...for the 11th it would be a second bachelor party.


Jeremy:..I'm just playing.

Me: I know....*laughing uncontrollably*

See what I mean? Hilarious. He was so serious too..except for the 11th. :P So ladies...if you're wondering what to get your Hubby for your anniversary..you can always use the Redneck Wedding Anniversary Gifts list.....LOL...I love my husband. :)


Holly said...

Glad to know what to get Bert when our 9th rolls around! Happy Anniversary (early) to y'all!

Whitney said...

Aww. Thanks and LOL..yep Tree Stands are all the rage. Lemme know how you manage to wrap it! ;)

Dr. Heckle said...

haha, that's hilarious. That must be hard though, with him so far away!

gifts to india said...

So fun! Ours wouldn't be as cool since we pretty much met, married, and live in the same town...but this is a good idea for a wedding gift! Thanks, so pretty!


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