05 May 2010

Dear Deployment....

I hate you! I want my Husband home and I want him home safe and sound NOW!
I'm tired of sleeping without him and the dog is tired of being kicked.
I have 9 pillows on the bed and they still don't make up for the space my husband takes up.
I miss picking up clothes from around the hamper because he just can't ever ring the basket.
I even miss tripping over his stupid boots.
I miss having someone to talk to when I've had a bad day.
I miss all his corny jokes.
I miss asking him, "Honey, what do you want for dinner?".
I miss doing laundry together.
I miss fighting over the covers and who gets which pillow. :)
I miss watching movies together and falling asleep on the couch when it's too boring.
I miss kissing him whenever I want.
I miss tickle fights and pillow fights.
I miss holding his hand.
I'm tired of the sleepless nights and the worrying.
I'm mad that I can't Skype twice a day anymore.
I'm angry that we have to pay to talk to each other.
I miss seeing my Husband's face everyday.
I miss saying our prayers together.
I miss hugging him.
I miss all the mushy things a wife misses of her Husband.
I miss having my own place and I'm tired of living with Mom. (Although I appreciate her letting me stay here!)
I miss my best friend.
So please deployment....can you be over soon!?

Waiting (somewhat) Patiently,


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Whitney, I'm so sorry for all of you who go through this! I appreciate what it means though, I know it must be the hardest thing to face alone. Prayers for you and your hubby!!!

Whitney said...

Thank you! It really is very hard. But I am so proud of him and all of "our" guys who defend our freedom! I'm just ready for him to come home and do that here. LOL.


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