24 May 2010

Let's all go to Gullah Gullah Island...

After my last post, I was looking through some old clips from shows that I used to watch. I loved these shows and they don't make them like they used to. These were some of my favorites:

Wishbone *This one is my all-time favorite!!
Reading Rainbow *Of Course I love this one!
The Magic School Bus *We even watched this at school!
As Told by Ginger  *Macy Gray!!!!! Probably where she got her start! HA!
Ahhh! Real Monsters Genius!! This show was "da bomb", to quote my childhood self. ha ha
Clarissa Explains it All *love!!! I would totally still watch this!
Are You Afraid of the Dark? *I wanna watch this right now!
Eerie Indiana *Didn't last long. :(
Pete & Pete *Mom's Plate..hahahaha
The Secret World of Alex Mack * I collected hats and wore them a LOT because of this show...
FIgure it Out *Aaron Carter is on this episode!! HA! And the little brother from Pete & Pete.
Double Dare
Angela Anaconda *...Nannette nam...nam..what?
Ren and Stimpy
Caitlin's Way
Animorphs *I think I was crushing on a few of those guys..ha!
Wild and Crazy Kids
What Would You Do?
Weinerville  *This show didn't last long...
Franklin  *My sister still remembers this, she named her turtle Franklin...:P
Little Bear * I still have one of the books!
The Bernstein Bears *theme song was written and performed by Leanne Womack!
Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat *Sometimes I still say.."Sagwa you're my best friend..." I don't know why..weird.

I still know ALL of the theme songs!!!!! It's crazy! Why can't shows still be like these? If these shows still came on, even as reruns, I'd be watching them. Seriously!
These are only SOME of the cartoons and shows I remember...Do you remember any more from the 80's and 90's?

F.Y.I. Almost all of the shows have a link if you click the name. :) Enjoy the nostalgia!


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

You are so right. They don't make shows like they used to! And I should know, because I have to watch them all the time! Unfortunately, my kids love the really obnoxious ones like Super Why and Sponge Bob. Blah. But, reruns of Gullah Gullah and much more come on Noggin all through the night so if they're ever up with a sickness, we watch those then.
Love your list of favorites!

Whitney said...

Thanks! I'm guilty of loving Spongebob. ha ha. And I am so wishing I had Noggin right now!


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