31 May 2011

RTT: I thought it was Monday...

I forgot that we had a three-day weekend! I didn't know that it was Tuesday until I saw Stacy's post on Facebook. *sigh* That's what I get for not having a job. LOL. I don't keep up with the days as well. 

I'm beginning to think Keely is never coming back. This is week TEN of her hiatus. That new job must really be keeping her busy. All those pirate parties and what-not. {Not that I'm jealous or anything.} If you want to participate in RTT, be sure to link up your post here or at Stacy's blog. She's been carrying the load, since Keely's disappearance. 

  • Wednesday I painted. It was fun, but it didn't turn out so great. :( I painted a smaller pic and it was really cute, so I'm going to try to duplicate it later and maybe do a giveaway??
  • Wednesday night, J and I watched Gnomio and Juliet. It was SO CUTE! I loved it. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. We ate some yummy Chinese food for dinner. 
  • Did I tell you that I ran into the dishwasher and bruised my leg last Monday? Yeah... and Wednesday I dropped the sewing machine on my wrist while I was hemming the sleeves on J's work uniform. Then Thursday, I caught the oven on fire. 
  • I was making that yummy banana bread again and I filled the pans too full and they overflowed into the bottom of the oven. Some of the batter got on the heating element and caught on fire. J was home, thankfully, and he helped put it out. The bread went into the trash. What a waste. :(
  • Friday I woke up a little after 7 and could barely move. My back hurt so bad! I took a shower and walked outside with Sabrina and then I sat on the couch til J got home. I was in tears. He took me to the doctor and they x-rayed my back, but didn't see anything wrong with my spine. The doctor said he could see that I had a muscle that was spazzing though. He prescribed me some muscle relaxers (that don't last very long.) and arthritis medicine. Weird...
  • Friday I watched Remember Me... who thought up that movie? It is so sad and depressing! Robert Pattinson is such a hottie.
  • Saturday our neighbors were having a yard sale with their friends so we took some of our junk down there to sell with them. We made like $7 and I spent $5 on a really cute wall hanging. I'll have to post a picture of it when we get the laptop back. (It's on its way.)
  • We got burnt at the yard sale. My chest and the back of my neck hurt so much. 
  • We also went swimming Saturday, so that added to our sunburns. And we went to the mall so J could get some new swim trunks. While we were there we saw a movie.
  • Hangover 2 was AWESOME! Lots of nudity but it was hilarious. (The couple in front of us, had their little boy with them! He couldn't have been any older than 10!)
  • I also got a new phone; Motorola Atrix. I love it. It's awesome!! I keep running the battery down because I play with it so much. lol.
  • Sunday,  because my back was still killing me and we were so burnt, we stayed in most of the day. We didn't want to be in the sun because it hurt so badly. We played games on the Wii; Life, Clue and Mousetrap. Jeremy beat me at all but Mousetrap. 
  • After the sun went down, we got in the pool and it felt great! Just warm enough and felt great to our burns.
  • Yesterday we went shopping for a headboard, but couldn't find one. We ended up buying an Otterbox case for my phone and a phone cover for J's phone. Didn't even find a headboard in our price range. *sigh* I guess we'll just have to keep pulling our pillows out from behind the bed. 
  • We rented The Mechanic with Jason Statham. (He's in the movie, we didn't rent the movie with him. I wish he came with the movie though.) I told J that Jason is so hot. I said, "He's as hot as you are." J said, "He's as hot as me, or hotter than me." I said, "If I didn't think you were hotter than Jason Statham, I wouldn't have married you. I would have married Jason Statham." LOL. J thought it was funny, but I was serious...
  • I took time out to thank my Soldier for his service to our country in honor of Memorial Day. Did you thank a soldier yesterday? What did you do for Memorial Day?
Be sure to link up to this post with your own Random Tuesday Thoughts. :) I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

28 May 2011

Happy Birthday to my other Dad

Happy Birthday to my Father-in-Law, Allan!
I love you "Dad"! I hope you have a wonderful
birthday even though we won't be there. Haha.
"Ride the Ducks" at Stone Mountain in GA, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Hurt my back.
Can't breathe; ow.
Yeah, that happened. I don't know how. 
It hurts. I went to the doctor. $63 but at least I have
some medicine to help ease the pain.
Ow is a word right? It didn't get highlighted
when I spell-checked. Haha.

It's Saturday, describe it in 6 words.
Link up with Cate at  Show My Face.
It's fun. All the cool kids are doing it.

24 May 2011

RTT: I broke the thingy...

 Let's be random. I'm sure you all know the drill by now. If not, check out Keely's blog, The Un Mom and see what all this randomness is about on Tuesdays across blog land. Be sure to link up your RTT posts at the bottom of this post. :)

  • Have you noticed I haven't been blogging much lately? That's because last Tuesday, I broke the laptop. I laid it on the couch to go turn off the tv after J went to bed. And it slid off of the couch, landed on the part where you plug it in and it jammed the "thingy" up inside the laptop. Couldn't charge the battery, so I couldn't get online. We took the laptop to be fixed Wednesday, but it couldn't be repaired at the store and they couldn't look up the information to see if it was still under warranty. So, J called the number and had the laptop registered. Apparently, it was never registered, but that's ok; it is now! We boxed it up and shipped it off Saturday after the packing supplies came Friday. 
  • I haven't been blogging because I hate using this old laptop. It takes about 30 minutes just to get the stupid thing turned on and the browser page open. (This is also why I haven't been replying to comments. Bare with me.)
  • We went hiking and swimming Saturday. I didn't take pics of the place because it was so hot by the time we got there, that we jumped in ASAP! By the time we left, there were at least 50-60 people there. The hike in was about 1/2 mile and it was HAWT! 
  • We gave Sabrina a bath in the back "yard" Sunday with the new hose/shower soaping thingy J bought. Waste of money if you ask me, but it's fun to use. She did NOT like it, of course. I took lots of pictures while J bathed her. I'll have to post them later though. This computer is too slow to load them.
  • I got woken up Monday morning at 4 something by the upstairs neighbor. I swear, she is the loudest skinny person I've ever known. She makes so much racket that I can't even hear the tv. I really hope she's moving out and that's the reason she's making so much racket at 4am in the morning. Who moves their furniture around that early??
  • We hung our new clock from Kirkland's up this weekend. I love it, but I'm thinking it ticks too loudly...
  • We went to the movies Friday night and saw Priest in 3D. It was really awesome. Scary awesome, but worth seeing. The 3D parts were really cool too. 
  • Finally hung the "Bless Our Home" coat hook by the front door. I drilled the holes, put in the little plastic thingies to hold the screws in the drywall and when I went to hang it, the screws were too close together... I have no clue what happened. I measured at least 3 times before I drilled. *Sigh*...I stil got it to hang up though, with the help of J. We just bent the screws away from each other. lol.
  • Anyone play Gardens of Time on Facebook?? That game is so addictive. 
  • I love the part on Up where Charles Muntz tells Mr. Fredericksen to "spit it out" and Mr. Fredericksen spits his dentures out at him. Hilarious.
  • I chopped my hair off Friday. It was down to the middle of my shoulder blades and now it barely touches my neck. I'll have to get J to take a picture of me so I can post it when we get the laptop back.
  • J's hours have gotten drastically cut back at work, so he's really on me to get a job. I'd really like to have one of those stay-at-home jobs. LOL. Anyone hiring in Anniston, AL?
  • J and I watched Tremors and Tremors II and III over the weekend. Did you know the little girl that plays Mindy is the same girl that played in Jurassic Park? Totally.
  • Saturday when we went hiking I texted Mama to tell her where we were going and when we got back home I was supposed to text/ call her to let her know we made it back ok. I forgot because I crashed for a 2 1/2 hour nap. When I finally called her around 8:30, she said, " I thought you had gotten raptured." I was like, what?? She said that some guy named Harold Camping had predicted that the Rapture was going to occur on May 21, 2011. Well, apparently it didn't happen, because I know I'm going to Heaven when Jesus comes! Besides, the Bible says that NO man knows the day or the hour. 
  • I've had a headache off and on for the past week. Ugh. I have one now.
  • We bought curtains for the bedroom. Alas, no pictures. But soon. 
  • This is as random as I can muster for now. Headache + too much stuff to do= no blogging time.

17 May 2011

RTT: What's that black stuff?

I should have done this last night instead of this morning. I am so achy and tired. *yawn*. Hopefully I won't be too cranky. Let's get this over with...
 Random, it's all about random. If this is your first time to see Random Tuesday Thoughts, you should probably come back next week when I'm less grouchy. If you yourself are grouchy, then please, pull up a lawn chair and kick back with your glass of sweet-iced tea and have a chat with us. We're going to be random. We may sound crazy, but that's normal around here.
Julie, Ane, Stacy, Cass, and Raven  are going to have some randomness on their blogs today as well. So visit them, say something random and link up with your own random blog post. 

It is week 8 of Keely's (The originator of RTT) hiatus due to work. If her new job wasn't so awesome and didn't pay money, I would go and stab it just to get her back... Just sayin'.

Anywho... random, LET'S DO THIS!
  • I'm having memory problems as of late, so re-capping how last week went up til now may be difficult. 
  • I think I painted something...no, that was the week before... scratch that.
  • OH yeah, remember Thursday when Blogger crashed? Well, I had posted the recipe for Quesadilla Casserole. It disappeared. And hasn't come back. It was a good post too. I may or may not rewrite it. It took awhile to type out all those ingredients. Maybe if enough people still want it...
  • Also last Thursday, our neighbors had a little get-together on the back patio. This is the result:
 Yes, that is a child's bicycle next to a bag of beer cans. 
  • Also Thursday, J and I went shopping at Winn-Dixie and saw some delicious cakes.
  • In case you haven't seen it, I wrote a post about it already.
  • Oh, Wednesday I made a blog for my sister. And a post about it. Have you seen It's Miller Time
  • Friday...I don't remember what we did Friday. I know J had to pack for drill that night.
  •  Also, I made pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread. I used way too much garlic salt on the bread. Apparently that's not what you're supposed to use anyway. Oops. Try not to eat anything I cook; you could die...well, only if you're a vampire. ??? 
  • Friday night right before bed, my stomach started feeling bad and I felt like vomiting. I ended up staying up all night because my stomach hurt worse when I was laying down. I finally went to bed around 4am. J had to get up at 5 to leave here and be at drill in B'ham by 7. I slept until 12:45 and didn't accomplish anything the rest of the day. Well, I take that back. I did load the dishwasher. Woo-hoo! 
  • The Lion King is coming out of the Disney vault this fall! Woo-hoo! It's my favorite Disney movie of ALL time! I'm so excited. 
  • I started reading Russell Brand's My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-Up. I tell you what, it is really interesting. I'm trying to read it with an accent that sound somewhat like his. {I do that, you know. Read in accents in my head.} But, it's really difficult. He's pretty wacky. 
  • Sunday, I went crazy. I felt a lot better and had that antsy, I-gotta-do-something feeling. So, I swept and swiffer-mopped the kitchen, cleaned up the living room and set out new coffee table decorations. Then, I rearranged the bedroom all by myself, did some laundry and took a shower. I know, I know...I'm awesome. The bedroom looks a lot better this way and J has more room on his side of the bed and amazingly, so do I. I'll take a picture and post it later.
  • I also hung the curtain rod all by myself. That involved power tools! I told y'all to start calling me Suzy Homemaker! I also baked some chocolate muffins for breakfast Sunday! 
  • Sunday evening, J came home and we went out for some McD's. When we got back, we started watching True Grit {the original with John Wayne}. Then, our neighbor Janel came over and told us that the apartment manager had just called her and told her that there had been a few break-ins! Apparently, a couple of young guys had busted in a door and window of an apartment on the street over, tried to break into the house next door's shed, and tried to break into a few of the storage units! They also tried to steal a truck's muffler thingy, but only managed to pull it halfway off before someone noticed them.
  • Needless to say, I didn't sleep well at all Sunday night. I stayed up until it was almost time for J to get up. Then, I crashed. J ended up being 30 minutes late for work because he turned off his alarm at 6 and went back to sleep. He said I woke him up at 7:07 and told him to go to work. LOL. What? I need my sleep and he was hogging the bed. 
  • Oh yeah, Friday night I also had to wash the kitchen rugs. Sabrina had gotten underfoot while I was cooking and I tripped over her and bumped the handle of the pan that was cooking the meat. The spoon fell out and raw meat got all over the kitchen rugs. I didn't think about the colors of the rugs and the red one bled onto the beige one. So now I have a pink rug. Ugh.
  • I think I now know why Monday is named so. It's Moan-day. I was so sore "Moan"-day after moving the bedroom around by myself, that I could hardly move.
  • I went with my neighbor, Janel to the thrift store yesterday and saw this beauty:
So ugly.
  • I had to clean out the pantry this weekend to make room for all the chips we bought Thursday. I guess we just had the chip munchies or something.
Nevermind the rest of the junk please. 
  • I went to get something to drink yesterday, out of the fridge. This is what I encountered:
Why can he never just take the empty tea jug out?
  • I find the weirdest things at the Dollar Tree. A few weeks ago, I found Mudoku detox foot pads. You put them on the bottom of your feet and they're supposed to suck out all the toxins and metals that are in your body. I thought, what the hey, they're only a buck! Saturday night, I tried them out. You will never believe what happened. I took photos as evidence:
Left foot and pad, right foot, right foot pad.
Nasty huh?
  • I recommend if you use these things, wear socks over them. You have to wear them all night for them to work properly and I didn't want to get anything on the sheets. Good thing I wore the socks too; the inside of them were black and sticky in the morning!
  • Remember last Tuesday it was a million degrees outside? Well, this week it's cold. Seriously. The high today is only supposed to be 66°F! What the fuzzy sock happened?
Well, I think this post is long enough. I don't think I left anything random out. Hopefully I wasn't too grouchy. If you want to link up, be sure to enter your name and the URL to your post, in Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. :) Please come back next Tuesday for more randomness! {Or later this week... either way.}

          15 May 2011

          How much are your delicious cakes?

          I don't know why this cracks me up so much,
          but it does!
          I seriously can't stop laughing as I'm typing this!

          Thursday while J and I were shopping for groceries 
          at Winn-Dixie, we were passing the baked-goods section.
          When we got to the last display case, Jeremy says,
          "Look at those delicious cakes!"
          I was laughing at him but managed to ask him what
          he was talking about.
          He said, "Look at those cakes! They look so
          delicious! How much is that delicious cake? I want it!"
          The Delicious Cake
          I was seriously cracking up! One of the bakery workers 
          noticed us drooling on the display case and asked if we
          needed any help. I am not kidding you, this is what I said:
          "Jeremy...*giggle*...wants to know how much....*giggle*
          ...your delicious cakes are. *giggle giggle*

          We point out which one it is and she tells it's 
          $24.99. O_o
          I know Jeremy's thinking, "It's worth it, look how delicious
          it is!" Seriously, I haven't laughed that hard in ages!
          I'm still giggling about it.

          We ended up not getting the cake. DUH!
          It was way too much. 

          But we did stand there and drool over
          it and a couple other goodies before we went to the 
          checkout with our measly strawberry parfaits.
          (Which were mediocre delicious.)
          **Jeremy was disappointed**

          Delicious cakes....*giggle*.

          Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. I only had my phone with me.

          14 May 2011

          Six Word Saturday

          Sick to my 
          stomach all night.

          Not a great way to spend the night
          before J leaves for drill this morning.
          Posted on FB that I felt bad.
          Immediate reaction from my sister?
          As follows:
          Who knows... I just wish my stomach would stop
          aching. It feels like it's going to explode.
          I made pasta for dinner with garlic bread.
          I only ate half a piece of garlic bread because
          I put too much garlic salt on it. It was just,
          way too much salt. Blech!

          Hopefully the rest of my day will be better.
          Maybe I'll get some sleep here on the couch.

          Happy 6WS from mopey-me.  

          Oh yeah, 6WS is hosted by Cate at Show My Face.
          She's totally awesome.
          If you want to get free stuff and be popular, be 
          a good blogger minion,
          check out her blog, link up and leave some love.
          You will probably be rewarded. 

          **Prizes may not be awarded in a timely manner*.

          **Prizes may not be awarded at all.

          13 May 2011

          Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In

          Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-Ins are brought to you by Wifey at Wife of a Sailor. To participate, just go to her blog and link up!

          1. Which was the best day of your life- Wedding day or Homecoming day? submitted by Pink Champagne, Gatorade & MREs
          Wow, now that is a doozy! Our wedding day was very memorable, but only to the two of us. But the best day of my life was welcoming home my Soldier. I really loved sharing J's Homecoming with my family and the unit's families. It made it so much more memorable to have everyone there welcoming home our guys! :)

          2. Were you a part of the joining the military question or did you sign up for the relationship when your man was already in the military?
           submitted by Cammo Style Love
          J had already invested 4 years into the Army when we started dating; I had no say.

          3. What is your favorite Disney movie and why? submitted by Raising Roscoe
          The Lion King. I have just always loved it. I love cats and Lions are my favorite big cat. 

          4. What is your favorite family activity to do on the weekends? submitted by Destination: RN!
          J and I like to hike and go to the park. We haven't gotten to do much of that in the last couple of years. Mainly because we were either working all the time or he was deployed. lol.

          5. Where do you secretly wish you could be stationed with you/your SO's line of work (realistically speaking, not everyone can be stationed on NAS Fiji)? submitted by Wookie & Co.
          I've always wanted to live in Georgia. But if J was given the opportunity to work in Germany, I would totally jump on it. I've always wanted to visit another country and to actually live somewhere else, would be amazing!

          11 May 2011

          Wordless Wednesday

          It's Miller Time! (Alcohol not included)

          I guess I'm such an inspiration with all my rambling witty blog posts,
          that my sister wanted a blog of her own!
          So without further ado,

          Meet Mrs. Miller:

          My older sister, Amanda is the mommy to two beautiful babies (and one
          on the way! Due in November), whom I love with all my heart! She loves her 
          family and pets. She loves reading, vacationing at the beach, reading my blog...
          and Holly's blog, sweet tea, flip-flops, purple and blue things, trips to the
          mountains, playing guitar hero (don't play with her, she'll beat you!...j/k,
          but not really.), pictures, swimming pools, animals and lot of other things.
          If you want to get to know her, check out her blog, It's Miller Time.

          This is a recent photo of her beautiful family:

          Please show her some love!

          10 May 2011

          RTT: Temperature in AL: 1,000,001°F

          I guess you know it's Tuesday just by the title of this post. But in case you didn't know, Tuesdays mean it's time for Random Tuesday! Originally hosted by Keely, The Un Mom, RTT is a day to write put down all your random thoughts into one blog post. Whether you're just catching everyone up on your week or your brain is malfunctioning due to screaming kids.  In my case, it's melting because it's so hot. If you think you have what it takes, create your own post and link up! {You can also link up with  JulieAne, Stacy, Cass, and Raven.} Keely is still on hiatus due to her new job, which I hear is so fantabulous that they have International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If I ever get a job that cool, I would never, ever leave it! 

          • So summer is officially here in Alabama. That's right, it's summer, not spring. Here in Alabama, we go from winter to fall, back to winter and then straight on to summer. Last week, heck just a few days ago, it was in the 50's and low 60's! We might have had one day of spring. And now it's a million degrees outside! {The high today was only supposed to be 92°F.}
          • J came home early Friday, so we went to the park in Oxford. It was such a pretty day. I think it was that spring day I was telling you about.
          •  After we left the park, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, but my food was so gross, I couldn't eat it. I told the manager about it and he didn't make us pay for it. 
          • SPOILER ALERT: Thor 3D was awesome!!!! The ending was lame, but I'll spare you the details and make you see it for yourself. It's really weird that Anthony Hopkins plays Thor's Father though.
          • We went hiking Sunday in the Cheaha Mountain State Park. It was a really beautiful day. The high was supposed to be 86°F, but I don't think it ever got that high since it was so cloudy. It really felt like it was going to rain because it got so muggy. Sabrina really enjoyed herself, she even jumped in the water with us to cool off. And when J was under the waterfall, she fell in trying to get to him. Bless her heart.
          •  As we were walking to the car, I stepped between two small rocks and landed really hard on my left ankle. Now, I'm limping around in a brace that J, thankfully, had when he hurt his ankle a few months ago.
          • The laundry detergent I made is awesome! It makes the clothes feel just as soft as regular store-bought detergent and they smell just as clean if not better! I ended up using another bar of the Fels Naptha soap. I like for the clothes to smell really clean, even after the dryer. And now, they do! If you plan on making the detergent, try it with one bar of soap first. Then, if it's not strong enough for you, add another bar. Or maybe just half. 
          • I vacuumed yesterday, {You should have seen me hobbling around trying to vacuum. It was quite comical.} and today, you can't even tell. There are bug parts everywhere!! I've complained to our apartment manager, but she says we have to buy some bug spray ourselves. But every time I go to Wally World, I forget! If you sit really quietly in the living room, you can hear the beetles trying to get under the front door. They tunnel under the door, get under the rug or some other piece of furniture, and then they die. It's the strangest thing. They're some kind of black beetle. I tried to take a picture of them and their tunnel lines:
           Weird right? Anyone know what they are?
          • I love The Zac Brown Band.

          • There's so many people that have gotten sick because of allergies lately. I'm not one of them! It's a miracle. I haven't been sick since I had my tonsils out! It's the best decision I've ever made. And the worst physical pain I've ever been through too. But I totally recommend it. LOL. I used to have the worst allergies ever! I got sick in the winter, spring, summer and fall. I even had pneumonia in the summer of 2007! Pollen usually = near-death for me, but not this year! WOOT! {I really do have empathy for all of y'all that have been sick. /=}
          • Anyone tried the Febreze Luminaries? They smell awesome! And they're really pretty too. I was telling my sister about mine yesterday. The smell is so strong, I nearly had to move it to another room. But it covered up that rotten smell coming from the trash that J hadn't taken out. {I'm limping! I can't carry the trash out! Too much walking.}
          • I made Quesadilla casserole last night for dinner and J was in the kitchen when I put the green peppers in. After it was cooked and we were eating, he said it tasted different last time. He said he could really taste the green peppers now. Whatever! It's like a kid that knows there's vegetables on his burger and he won't eat it. If he hadn't been in the kitchen while I was cooking, he wouldn't have noticed. I swear, it's like having a child.
          • I was trying to check out bank account last night from my phone. I sent a text to what I thought was the bank and I kept waiting and nothing happened. This is why:

          Yes, that happened. I wish the bank had replied with 
          the same balance my sister gave me. LOL.
          • Last week I admitted to being in love with Hulk Hogan and Alan Jackson, when I was younger. Proof:

          Well Jaime was going to marry Doogie Howser!
          • Here is where I prove I'm either clueless or just really far behind:
          •  I think that's enough randomness for one Tuesday. We shall reconvene next Tuesday to further explore our random brain waves. Peace and Love y'all!

          Don't forget to link up!!! 
          Go forth and be random!


          08 May 2011

          Happy Mother's Day Mama!

          Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful Mama!
          I love you not only today, but everyday!
          Everyday plus one! *wink wink*


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