31 May 2011

RTT: I thought it was Monday...

I forgot that we had a three-day weekend! I didn't know that it was Tuesday until I saw Stacy's post on Facebook. *sigh* That's what I get for not having a job. LOL. I don't keep up with the days as well. 

I'm beginning to think Keely is never coming back. This is week TEN of her hiatus. That new job must really be keeping her busy. All those pirate parties and what-not. {Not that I'm jealous or anything.} If you want to participate in RTT, be sure to link up your post here or at Stacy's blog. She's been carrying the load, since Keely's disappearance. 

  • Wednesday I painted. It was fun, but it didn't turn out so great. :( I painted a smaller pic and it was really cute, so I'm going to try to duplicate it later and maybe do a giveaway??
  • Wednesday night, J and I watched Gnomio and Juliet. It was SO CUTE! I loved it. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. We ate some yummy Chinese food for dinner. 
  • Did I tell you that I ran into the dishwasher and bruised my leg last Monday? Yeah... and Wednesday I dropped the sewing machine on my wrist while I was hemming the sleeves on J's work uniform. Then Thursday, I caught the oven on fire. 
  • I was making that yummy banana bread again and I filled the pans too full and they overflowed into the bottom of the oven. Some of the batter got on the heating element and caught on fire. J was home, thankfully, and he helped put it out. The bread went into the trash. What a waste. :(
  • Friday I woke up a little after 7 and could barely move. My back hurt so bad! I took a shower and walked outside with Sabrina and then I sat on the couch til J got home. I was in tears. He took me to the doctor and they x-rayed my back, but didn't see anything wrong with my spine. The doctor said he could see that I had a muscle that was spazzing though. He prescribed me some muscle relaxers (that don't last very long.) and arthritis medicine. Weird...
  • Friday I watched Remember Me... who thought up that movie? It is so sad and depressing! Robert Pattinson is such a hottie.
  • Saturday our neighbors were having a yard sale with their friends so we took some of our junk down there to sell with them. We made like $7 and I spent $5 on a really cute wall hanging. I'll have to post a picture of it when we get the laptop back. (It's on its way.)
  • We got burnt at the yard sale. My chest and the back of my neck hurt so much. 
  • We also went swimming Saturday, so that added to our sunburns. And we went to the mall so J could get some new swim trunks. While we were there we saw a movie.
  • Hangover 2 was AWESOME! Lots of nudity but it was hilarious. (The couple in front of us, had their little boy with them! He couldn't have been any older than 10!)
  • I also got a new phone; Motorola Atrix. I love it. It's awesome!! I keep running the battery down because I play with it so much. lol.
  • Sunday,  because my back was still killing me and we were so burnt, we stayed in most of the day. We didn't want to be in the sun because it hurt so badly. We played games on the Wii; Life, Clue and Mousetrap. Jeremy beat me at all but Mousetrap. 
  • After the sun went down, we got in the pool and it felt great! Just warm enough and felt great to our burns.
  • Yesterday we went shopping for a headboard, but couldn't find one. We ended up buying an Otterbox case for my phone and a phone cover for J's phone. Didn't even find a headboard in our price range. *sigh* I guess we'll just have to keep pulling our pillows out from behind the bed. 
  • We rented The Mechanic with Jason Statham. (He's in the movie, we didn't rent the movie with him. I wish he came with the movie though.) I told J that Jason is so hot. I said, "He's as hot as you are." J said, "He's as hot as me, or hotter than me." I said, "If I didn't think you were hotter than Jason Statham, I wouldn't have married you. I would have married Jason Statham." LOL. J thought it was funny, but I was serious...
  • I took time out to thank my Soldier for his service to our country in honor of Memorial Day. Did you thank a soldier yesterday? What did you do for Memorial Day?
Be sure to link up to this post with your own Random Tuesday Thoughts. :) I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Kristine said...

Jason Statham does it for me...each and every time. *drools*


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