10 May 2011

RTT: Temperature in AL: 1,000,001°F

I guess you know it's Tuesday just by the title of this post. But in case you didn't know, Tuesdays mean it's time for Random Tuesday! Originally hosted by Keely, The Un Mom, RTT is a day to write put down all your random thoughts into one blog post. Whether you're just catching everyone up on your week or your brain is malfunctioning due to screaming kids.  In my case, it's melting because it's so hot. If you think you have what it takes, create your own post and link up! {You can also link up with  JulieAne, Stacy, Cass, and Raven.} Keely is still on hiatus due to her new job, which I hear is so fantabulous that they have International Talk Like a Pirate Day. If I ever get a job that cool, I would never, ever leave it! 

  • So summer is officially here in Alabama. That's right, it's summer, not spring. Here in Alabama, we go from winter to fall, back to winter and then straight on to summer. Last week, heck just a few days ago, it was in the 50's and low 60's! We might have had one day of spring. And now it's a million degrees outside! {The high today was only supposed to be 92°F.}
  • J came home early Friday, so we went to the park in Oxford. It was such a pretty day. I think it was that spring day I was telling you about.
  •  After we left the park, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, but my food was so gross, I couldn't eat it. I told the manager about it and he didn't make us pay for it. 
  • SPOILER ALERT: Thor 3D was awesome!!!! The ending was lame, but I'll spare you the details and make you see it for yourself. It's really weird that Anthony Hopkins plays Thor's Father though.
  • We went hiking Sunday in the Cheaha Mountain State Park. It was a really beautiful day. The high was supposed to be 86°F, but I don't think it ever got that high since it was so cloudy. It really felt like it was going to rain because it got so muggy. Sabrina really enjoyed herself, she even jumped in the water with us to cool off. And when J was under the waterfall, she fell in trying to get to him. Bless her heart.
  •  As we were walking to the car, I stepped between two small rocks and landed really hard on my left ankle. Now, I'm limping around in a brace that J, thankfully, had when he hurt his ankle a few months ago.
  • The laundry detergent I made is awesome! It makes the clothes feel just as soft as regular store-bought detergent and they smell just as clean if not better! I ended up using another bar of the Fels Naptha soap. I like for the clothes to smell really clean, even after the dryer. And now, they do! If you plan on making the detergent, try it with one bar of soap first. Then, if it's not strong enough for you, add another bar. Or maybe just half. 
  • I vacuumed yesterday, {You should have seen me hobbling around trying to vacuum. It was quite comical.} and today, you can't even tell. There are bug parts everywhere!! I've complained to our apartment manager, but she says we have to buy some bug spray ourselves. But every time I go to Wally World, I forget! If you sit really quietly in the living room, you can hear the beetles trying to get under the front door. They tunnel under the door, get under the rug or some other piece of furniture, and then they die. It's the strangest thing. They're some kind of black beetle. I tried to take a picture of them and their tunnel lines:
 Weird right? Anyone know what they are?
  • I love The Zac Brown Band.

  • There's so many people that have gotten sick because of allergies lately. I'm not one of them! It's a miracle. I haven't been sick since I had my tonsils out! It's the best decision I've ever made. And the worst physical pain I've ever been through too. But I totally recommend it. LOL. I used to have the worst allergies ever! I got sick in the winter, spring, summer and fall. I even had pneumonia in the summer of 2007! Pollen usually = near-death for me, but not this year! WOOT! {I really do have empathy for all of y'all that have been sick. /=}
  • Anyone tried the Febreze Luminaries? They smell awesome! And they're really pretty too. I was telling my sister about mine yesterday. The smell is so strong, I nearly had to move it to another room. But it covered up that rotten smell coming from the trash that J hadn't taken out. {I'm limping! I can't carry the trash out! Too much walking.}
  • I made Quesadilla casserole last night for dinner and J was in the kitchen when I put the green peppers in. After it was cooked and we were eating, he said it tasted different last time. He said he could really taste the green peppers now. Whatever! It's like a kid that knows there's vegetables on his burger and he won't eat it. If he hadn't been in the kitchen while I was cooking, he wouldn't have noticed. I swear, it's like having a child.
  • I was trying to check out bank account last night from my phone. I sent a text to what I thought was the bank and I kept waiting and nothing happened. This is why:

Yes, that happened. I wish the bank had replied with 
the same balance my sister gave me. LOL.
  • Last week I admitted to being in love with Hulk Hogan and Alan Jackson, when I was younger. Proof:

Well Jaime was going to marry Doogie Howser!
  • Here is where I prove I'm either clueless or just really far behind:
  •  I think that's enough randomness for one Tuesday. We shall reconvene next Tuesday to further explore our random brain waves. Peace and Love y'all!

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Jessica said...

I remembered to link up this week! :)
I hope you foot feels better soon.

Kristine said...

Quesadilla casserole? Sounds yummy! Care to share the recipe?

Stacy Uncorked said...

Mother Nature is out of control, isn't she? We had summer heat a couple of weeks ago - now we're back to 'normal' spring weather...hopefully it'll last a bit longer so I don't wilt! ;)

LOVE the pictures of your park excursion! Sorry you injured your ankle...ouch!!

I'd be freaking out over those bugs - I have no idea what they are...just that they're creepy! :)

I LOVE The Zac Brown Band, too! :)

I haven't tried the Febreze luminaries yet - I'll have to check them out!

That Quesadilla casserole sounds yummy! I'm with Kristine - recipe, please? ;)

I'm giggling over the FB exchanges between you and your sister - especially the bank one. ;)

Thanks for helping keep random alive!! :)

Addicted to Technology, Mother's Day - RTT Rebel

Just Debbi said...

You might get some residual bug spray next time you're at Wal-Mart (if you can remember it! lol) and spray it across your threshold, inside and out, to see if that will help with the beetles.
Otherwise, I'd suggest collecting them and then invite Andrew Zimmern from "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" over for dinner. Just a thought....

Julie from Momspective said...

LOVE the random, thanks for the mention and I adore Facebook. Fantastic screen shots - hilarious!


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