11 May 2011

It's Miller Time! (Alcohol not included)

I guess I'm such an inspiration with all my rambling witty blog posts,
that my sister wanted a blog of her own!
So without further ado,

Meet Mrs. Miller:

My older sister, Amanda is the mommy to two beautiful babies (and one
on the way! Due in November), whom I love with all my heart! She loves her 
family and pets. She loves reading, vacationing at the beach, reading my blog...
and Holly's blog, sweet tea, flip-flops, purple and blue things, trips to the
mountains, playing guitar hero (don't play with her, she'll beat you!...j/k,
but not really.), pictures, swimming pools, animals and lot of other things.
If you want to get to know her, check out her blog, It's Miller Time.

This is a recent photo of her beautiful family:

Please show her some love!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Aw! How sweet!! Thank you. I love you and your blog!


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