29 January 2010


Jeremy came home for Christmas! It was awesome. He got here on the 23rd and we spent the night at the Wynfrey in Birmingham. We opened our presents from each other that night. We had a lot of fun making a mess with all the wrapping paper. LOL.
My sweet Soldieryup..there it is!surrounded by the junkI love this man!
On the 24th we woke up early and left for Pensacola to spend Christmas with his parents. We had a great time with them. I know Jeremy was happy to see his parents since it had been several months. And playing with his dog, Sabrina was a major highlight. They have been taking care of her for him, while he's deployed. He also got to see his older brother, Steve, whom he does not get to see very often at all.
Jeremy, Myself, Shirley and AllanI LOVE this pic!Jeremy throwing the ballleaving it there..haha.
We left on the 28th and headed to New Hampshire to visit his oldest brother, Chris and his wife Kelly. It was so much fun! There was lots of snow on the way there and when we got there. So needless to say, it made me nervous whilst he was driving. Haha. We mainly stayed indoors while we were in NH. Too cold for us! But Kelly's window on her car wouldn't roll up, so Jeremy kindly offered to repair the mechanism that was faulty. He's awesome like that!
He was so tired!So cute!
We spent thru New Year's Day with Chris and Kelly and left on the 2nd for Alabama. It was great to know we were heading home and wouldn't have to worry about snow once we got there. ON the first day of driving we made it all the way to Tennessee, where we stayed the night near Kingsport. The next morning, the 3rd, we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium.

It was so much fun! Jeremy had never been, so it was awesome to see him pondering over all the fish and the other marine life. :) We spent almost 45 mins just petting the Rays and sharks. They were so smooth, and the Rays' barbs had been cut off so they wouldn't sting. We were amazed at how friendly they were! They would just "glide" by you hand and let you put them! And their mouths were like little sucktion cups! I loved it!

We got home later that same evening and spent some time with my sister, Amanda and her husband, Tim. And finally went "home" to Mom's. Monday, the 4th, was Jeremy's 25th Birthday. He and I ran some errands and that evening we went out to dinner with Amanda, Tim, Mom, Jennifer (my Best friend!) and her step-daughter, Lindsey. It was a lot of fun getting to be around my favorite people! After we ate, Amanda and Tim went with Jeremy and I to bowl. It was a lot of fun as usual and I'm glad Jeremy enjoyed himself so much. It was great to see him having fun for a change. I know they don't have bowling in Afghanistan. LOL.
Opening his presentWhit-Whit!)blowing out the candles!
The last few days Jeremy was home, we spent them together. We did eat out with his sister and cousin and then played a game at his cousin's house. (I liked the game so much, I went and bought it to play with Amanda and Tim. LOL) Jeremy got to watch the Alabama/Texas game on Thursday and spend some time with the dogs :), but then he had to leave on Friday. :( I hated that he had to go. But he'll be home soon, or at least I keep telling myself that. LOL. It's actually several months, which doesn't seem soon to me at all.
Tuti all bundled upGame day! 01-07-10Jose all bundled up) and Alabama won the Bowl
All in all, Jeremy's R&R was pretty eventful. It felt like we drove the entire time! But it was what he wanted to do, so I'm glad he enjoyed himself. :) Can't wait for him to come home so we can take another ROAD TRIP!

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