09 March 2010

Snow in Alabama!

It's been so long since I've written. I feel like I'm neglecting this...but I've been trying to keep busy. January went by quickly, which was amazing! February kind of drug by. Which is odd, seeing as it has the fewest days. We did have lots of snow on the 12th of February. At the end of the day, it was up to almost 4 inches!! The dogs really enjoyed it with the exception of Tuti....lol. She hated it! It was too cold for her little shivvery self.
SNOW!!! 12 Feb 2010Cedar tree in back yard.Jose was thrilled too!Tuti HATES it! I had to take her out there and put her down. LOL.
Poor Tuti...she hated it so bad, she wouldn't even go potty! Jose on the other hand was thrilled! He was acting like a puppy instead of a 12-year-old Man that he is!
Does Tuti hate snow? YES!JoseRun little man, run!

And Khloe Grace was so silly! She adores being outside anyway, so snow was like an added bonus! We've been letting her stay inside and she behaves really well. But she would much rather be outside barking at birds, deer and Annah (the Rottweiler).

After puttin on sweaters, Jose and Tuti were ready for a walk...
Khloe Grace Romping...lol.Snow on your nose! ♥Tuti trying to avoid the snow.Jose with snow on his nose ♥

Since Jeremy wasn't here, I decided that I needed a replica..So I fashioned a Jeremy Snowman...introducing..SPC Oaks...Snowman Extroidinaire!
SPC Jeremy Oaks, Snowman Extroidinaire!) Pipe-cleaner eyes and mouth, carrot nose!View from inside..with the Blue Star Flag
The snow was so pretty! Very picturesque! The dogs and I enjoyed looking at and romping in it...Well they romped, I looked and took the pics!
moms houseOld truckPine BoughsJose romping! ♥
We walked down the drive and to the road to see what everything that way looked like...
Looking down Newton Rd.Moms mailboxthe dogs on the road...

And of course because Jeremy wasn't here to enjoy the snow with us...so, I took the Jeremy doll along! :)
)The Jeremy doll, enjoying the snow. LOL.Jeremy doll ♥ hanging out amongst the branches...)Jeremy doll haning out in the snow.

Khloe Grace decided she needed to roll in the snow on the back porch...

biting the snow.♥Gigi rubbing on the snow.....it must feel good..Silly puppy

Jeremy sent me the most beautiful roses for Valentine's Day. :) It was such a sweet surprise! He also sent a Swarovsky Crystal Rose figurine which I absolutely adore!
♥♥Pics of my Hubby and my Gifts♥My Swarovsky Crystal

I am so ready for Jeremy to come home!! I miss him A LOT!!! Not having him here to enjoy the snow was a bummer. :( But I'm sure that there will be lots of snow in our future! LOL.
We've made it past the half-way mark! YAY! Lots of the other guys will be coming home for R&R, but Jeremy won't since he was here for Christmas. :( But that is ok. It's not too long til he comes home for good. I say this, but in my mind it still feels like forever...just trying to be brave! I will try to publish another post soon! :)

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