29 March 2010

"No Way!"

....says my nephew Booger. It's his new saying, as is, "NO MA!"
He cracks me up! I have no clue where he learned it. I've never heard my sister, his "MA", say it before. She certainly doesn't use it frequently enough to warrant him repeating it. He's still stuck on the "pappy" as we call it. So he mainly mumbles whatever he's saying. But "NO WAY" and "NO MA" are plain as day! 

I don't know what his Ma and Dada are gonna do when they've got two pacified toddlers running around mumbling. That's right, Amanda is expecting again. She's actually due August 4th and it's a GIRL! No doubt  Booger will be extremely jealous. He already demands all the attention. But he's a cutie, so you can't blame him for it. He gets by with lots! I can't wait til he starts repeating everything we say. :) 

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