10 March 2010

March......still acting like a lion.

It's March. Definitely March. Saturday and Sunday were pretty ideal as far as weekend weather goes and then Monday was beautiful as well.

B/W....see the bird?Khloe Grace

Tuesday was a bit cooler, but still just as pretty and then Tuesday night...well...let's just say you can tell we're in Alabama. It's storming like crazy. Wind blowing the windchimes around so that even their normal pretty tinkling is a racket. If only we could tame the lion.
Abandoned Sunflower SeedsTinkling chimeAnother wind-battered chime

To top off the unwelcomed cold rainy weather, "Booger" has pink-eye. So washing our hands everytime we touch anything in his vicinity is a must. And bless his heart, he doesn't know why we try to keep him from touching us. I think I used half a bottle of hand sanitizer on his and my hands. He does enjoy using it though. And a box of cars will keep any toddler amused for hours on a rainy day.
Isaac lines his cars up...

Hopefully his pink-eye won't spread and March will clear up and turn into a lovely spring. Here's to wishful thinking....

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