11 March 2010

Beautiful Day

Though my day was mainly unscheduled, Mom and I did accomplish what we set out to do a week ago. We are proud of our accomplishment I must say. Cleaning off the front porch has been in the "works" for several months but we could never get enough courage to go out whilst it was so cold. But alas, it took the babysitting of my 18-month-old nephew, "Booger" to get us to at least bag up the old clothes that the dog had been using as a bed and move the remainder of boxes, that were supposed to be used as yard-sale material, to the edge of the porch where they would be more accessible to load. After that was done on Tuesday, we planned to take the junk to the landfill Wednesday...that was a no-go. It poured all night Tuesday and most of Wednesday. So, our plans were literally a wash-out. Then today, after I was awakened before I had gotten my full 7 hours of sleep (although I must admit, it was a welcomed phone call), we loaded the stuff into the truck and headed to the landfill. It was such a beautiful day that I took a few photos along the way. You can really see where the rain washed out the road on the third picture.

Clouds look like cotton balls....

The clouds didn't spoil the day at all. It was so beautiful! The wind was blowing, but pleasantly, so it wasn't chilly at all. I will, however, spare the details of the landfill. :)

After Mom and I left we did some shopping and ate a late lunch/ early dinner and then we had to stop the Grove Street house to drop off some fixtures for the new renter. The sun was just setting behind the tree-line and I snapped a few pics. All in all, it was a gorgeous day and I am so thankful that I was able to be enjoy it! :)  

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