25 March 2010

Today we Celebrate a Very Special Woman...

My Mom!
Name: Edith Deborah Jerleen Hudgins "Debbi"
Born: March 25, 1957
Where: Holy Name of Jesus Hospital in Gadsden, AL
Parents: Louis Fort McConnell Sr.
Mildred Henderson McConnell
Siblings: Louis Fort McConnell Jr.
 This is Mom when she was 12 in 1969.

Important things to know about Debbi:
Marital Status: Widow
Favorite Color: green
Favorite Person: Daddy (Jimmy Ray Hudgins)
Shoe Size: 10
(in case you want to buy her some lovely shoes! :)
Piercings: Eye-brow ring, nose, ears 
Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach 
First Kiss?: No one is going to care. Me: I care! Who was it?
Mom: Peter in Kindergarten, he was also my first boyfriend
Places You've lived?: Springville, AL
Me: Is that it?
Mom: and I lived in Florida for 6 months, but unless you've lived somewhere more than a year it doesn't count..so Springville
What are you listening to these days?: 3O3, Linkin Park
What are you most proud of?: My children
What is something no one knows about you?: It's not widely known that I'm a pretty good seamstress. "I run a mean sewing machine!"
What celebrity do you have a crush on?: Matthew MacConaughey
Describe yourself in one Word:

Favorite Phrase:

Happy Birthday Mom! 
I love you!

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