17 March 2010

Being Sick...

Stinks...really stinks. I hate it with a passion. I thought that it was merely a sore throat. But, nay...it is a full-blown rebellion from my sinuses....They hate me! No really. It seems that everytime I get well again, they act up. I mean, it starts with a sore throat, then sneezing. Next comes the coughing, watery eyes and diffuculty breathing. Needless to say, I've hit all those stages and then some in the past 3 days. I just know I'll have the flu by the weekend. And just you wait..the weather will be beautiful and I'll be laid up in bed practically dying. I exaggerate, but seriously, I feel awful! I've just taken some Nyquil and perhaps that will make me feel better. I'm going to try and sleep it off. I've already gone through one box of tissues. I'll keep you posted. 
This is probably the cause of my sinuses' misbehavior....
Spring shows her face

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