26 April 2010

A Miraculous Healing?

 April 2010
Sorry it's been so long since I've posted..not that there's anyone reading this...*looks around*.
I've been so busy helping Mom clean and rearrange furniture, getting ready for Nana to move in with us. 
*Quick side note: Nana is my maternal Grandmother and she is 87 years old. She has Altzheimer's and it has been steadily getting worse. So, my Mom decided that she needed to come live with her. And recently Nana had taken a spill and couldn't remember what had happened...so it was definitely time for her to have some assistance!*

When we got to Nana's house on the 12th (2 weeks ago) Nana seemed pretty excited to come to Mom's house. She was ready to load up in the car and go as soon as we got there! Mom and I loaded up her bed, chair, food necessities, clothes and a few other odds and ends. Then we loaded Nana up and headed to The Ville. 

Nana liked the house when we got her there..She didn't like that it was so far for us to drive. And she didn't really understand who we were. :(
She was here all of 3 days before she decided she wanted to go home. She was more aware of who we were, even if she did get our names wrong most of the time. And Mom hated to see Nana unhappy, so the next Monday, the 19th, we reloaded Nana's stuff into the truck and took her back to Gadsden. We left her and she was content.
A day or so later and it was like, to quote Nana, "A window had been opened" and she could remember things and she felt better....
Our prayers were answered. Nana was happy and could take care of herself again. (There are neighbors that check in on her everyday in case she needs anything.) Of course, we will still go to Nana's every week, but for now....she is happy where she is! 
Please pray that she stays this way and continues to improve!

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Holly said...

I know you all are so relieved. So glad to hear!!


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