04 February 2012

Gone Again?

It seems every time we get used to being together, the Army is going to make sure we remember what it's like to be apart. J has drill this weekend, then he leaves for Savannah on the 12th and will be gone until the 29th. Then, he leaves somewhere around March 27 for school in Pennsylvania until the second week of May. Can we not get a break here?  Seriously...let's just go ahead and make sure he's gone for our 4th anniversary, too. Especially since he has been gone for our last two anniversaries. Might as well make it a habit.
*stepping off soap-box now*
I hope everyone is surviving winter! We certainly are. We haven't had any snow and our temperatures range in the low 40's to the upper 70's. Feels like spring if you ask me! We even had tornadoes a few weeks ago. They really messed up several parts of Alabama. 

Jeremy and I decided, since we won't be together for  Valentine's Day this year (again), we would celebrate before then. So, last weekend (since he had drill this weekend and leaves next weekend) we went to Maggie Valley, NC!

We spent Friday night in Maggie Valley. When we woke up, Saturday, we went up to the ski area to see what it was all about. It was really cool to see snow, where there really wasn't any anywhere else in Maggie Valley. It was wicked expensive to ski, though. Plus, we didn't have any cold weather gear, like ski pants. We drove over the mountain into Cherokee and then  through the park over into Gatlinburg. We spent all day there. It was a lot of fun! We bought tickets at the Ripley's Believe it or Not! Aquarium for only $4.99! They have incredible rates for military! {Just show your ID!} We then walked all over the place just looking at everything. We stopped in several places, but didn't buy anything since we really wanted to eat first. We ended up eating at T.G.I.Friday's since we don't have that restaurant in Anniston. It was so yummy! We had fried green beans and pot stickers for appetizers and I  had Bruschetta Chicken Pasta and Jeremy had a burger.  {I think} I have a hard time remembering what he ate. I was so hungry, I wasn't really paying  attention to him. Haha! After eating, we went walking and rode the Ripley's Moving Theater ride. It was really cool. I've done it several times before, but Jeremy had never done it. Then, we rode Earthquake The Ride! Don't do it! It was the lamest ride I have ever been on. Waste of money and time. 

We had a sign made at The Sign Company of Gatlinburg.
Then, we went to the aquarium. I LOVE the aquarium!  I didn't take my camera in, so all of the pics are still stuck on my phone for the time being, but I will post a few of them later when I get a chance to free them! LOL. 

After the Aquarium, we walked around some more and picked up our sign. {It took an hour to make.} We stopped for awhile near the middle of the town, trying to figure out if we wanted to play put-put. {It's our favorite thing to do on vacation!} But, the prices were too high and it was pretty windy and chilly. So, I stayed behind while Jeremy walked back to the parking deck behind
the aquarium. I waited about 20 minutes before he came to get me and while I was waiting, a couple got engaged right beside me! It was really cool to see. When he got down on his knee, a crowd started forming behind the couple, in front of me. Everyone clapped when she said yes. It was so sweet! :) 

After J picked me up, {I was nearly frozen!}, we went back to Maggie Valley to find somewhere to eat dinner. We wanted to eat at Butts on the Creek {we ate there for our first anniversary and it was amazing!}, but when I called the number listed for them, it was out of service. We drove by there and it was completely pitch-black. The only place open, looked like a locals-only kind
of place. So, we drove over to Waynesville and ate at Nick & Nate's. Jeremy had pizza and I had a Turkey Club. It was really good. Afterwards, we went by the tubing place in Maggie Valley to find out times and pricing. They only do runs every two hours, and they were just starting one, so we would have to come back later or on Sunday. It was $20 each! I told J that we might come back Sunday while the sun was out. We ended up not going. I told him I would rather do something on the way home than freeze to death and have to change clothes in a gas station bathroom since we had to check out of our hotel room by 11. So, we slept in late
and checked out around 10:30. We got on the road and stopped in Sylva for breakfast at Bojangles. It was really good. We bought 2 biscuits each and ate only one, so we ate the second one for lunch and didn't have to stop again. When we got to Atlanta, J wanted to stop and watch a movie. We stopped at Atlantic Station, walked around and watched a movie. {Underworld 4...or whatever it was.} Then, we finally headed home. I was so tired! And I wasn't even driving. 

All in all, we had a great time. :) It's going to be awhile until we have a chance to go anywhere together, so I'm glad we had the money to take this opportunity. Now, we have to start packing to move. Ugh. I really love our apartment, but hate how far away it
is from anything. Especially how far it is away from my doctor. We're going to start trying to get pregnant in June. Since I don't ovulate, I have to take a pill to help. Hopefully, it will work. Wish us luck!


Jaybee said...

So happy that you guys got to take a weekender together! I hope you can come see me soon! I miss you :)

Jill said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys had a great time... I love that part of the country!

So sorry about the military "scheduling"! I'm always really "touched" when the military allows us to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or holidays together. :)

hang in there!


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