01 March 2012

Not Blogging

You may all be wondering where I've been. Or not. LOL.
For one, I haven't been blogging. That's for sure. I really do regret that, because I love keeping up with everyone through my blog and by reading others' blogs. I haven't read any blogs since before Christmas. 
 I have been reading books though! If you haven't already, you can see all of the books I read in 2011, on my the tab at the top of this blog post. And, I started a new tab today with this year's books. I've already read 28! (There's one that I didn't put on the list because it was just nasty. I don't recommend it, at all.)
 Another reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been packing. Oh yeah, that's right. We're moving yet again. Our lease is up at the end of the month, so we're moving all of our stuff into storage, again. I'll be staying with Mama...again, while Jeremy is in school in Pennsylvania for the ARNG. Of course, that is still to be determined, whether or not he is going. He has yet to receive his orders... Hurry up and wait...and all that.
 While Jeremy was in Savannah, GA (his unit is getting a new model of Chinook and they all had to go to Savannah to Hunter Army Airfield for Academics on the new model.), I packed up the living room, spare room, laundry room, bathrooms, bedroom and threw out at least 10 bags of trash and made a giant pile of stuff to donate. I also took out some things my Mama and sister could use and took to them. Including a really heavy tv for my nephew's room. It was ridiculously hard to get in the car by myself, but I managed after struggling with it for an HOUR! The only thing I haven't packed yet are the electronics (i.e. tv, satellite receivers, dvd players and PS3), clothes, miscellaneous junk everywhere and the kitchen. I plan on doing the kitchen this weekend while it's raining. I might even start on it tomorrow, since it's supposed to rain then, too. Saturday, hopefully I will have Janel's help in going through the storage unit and getting rid of things we don't use or need. Most of the stuff in there is Jeremy's or baby clothes. I plan on going through the baby clothes and getting rid of anything I don't think I'll ever use; especially the stained clothing. I plan on donating everything to our local thrift store when we're moving out.
 Today, of course, the sun is shining and it is so warm outside. I really should be down at the storage unit working on it now, instead of blogging. Oh well. I don't have the car, so I can't bring anything out of the storage unit that I want to donate. I'll just have to leave it in there.

Wish me luck with packing and *fingers crossed* Jeremy's absence. Of course, his job contract is over on the 16th, so when he gets back from Pennsylvania, he'll have to find a new job. I pray that he finds one quickly and we can move sooner rather than later. I hate having to depend on my Mama for somewhere to stay, but then again, I didn't really want to stay here in Anniston by myself. 

Hopefully this won't be my last blog post. Haha. I do have my own laptop now, thankfully! :) 

What do you think of the new layout?


plumbing said...

It's really different if you have your own laptop. You get to have all the time that you want and really enjoy what you do. You can do it anytime that you want.

Jaybee said...

If I were closer I would help you with all the packing & stuff. It seems like you are on top of things though. We need to get together one weekend.


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