06 March 2012

That Darn Cat

I'm annoyed.
 Last night while we were sitting in bed, Jeremy was watching TV, while I read. I had already put Tobias to bed. (He sleeps in the bathroom since I don't fully trust him to not destroy stuff while we're sleeping.) He would NOT shut up, so Jeremy told me to just let him out. Surprisingly, he did really well. I read until almost 2 and he laid by my shoulder sleeping until I finished the book. I turned off the light and rolled over to go to sleep and he didn't bother me all night. Unfortunately, he did come crying to me a few times this morning, wanting me to open the blinds in the living room. {He sits there most of the day, staring out the window.} I told him no and went back to sleep. LOL.
 When I finally got up, because he woke me up again, I went to let Sabrina outside and as I was walking by the bathroom in the hall, I got a strong whiff that smelled suspiciously like urine. I thought maybe Jeremy hadn't flushed or something. Although, he almost always remembers. I went into the bathroom and looked around, but didn't see any puddles. So, I went outside with Bina and after she pottied, we came back inside. I went back in the bathroom and stepped on the towel in front of the tub. It was wet. I knew that Jeremy hadn't showered this morning, since he showered last night. So, it shouldn't still be wet. I picked up the towel and smelled it. Sure enough, someone had peed on it. I know it couldn't have been Bina, since it would have made a lot bigger wet spot if she had peed. I popped Toby on the butt and put him in his bathroom. He's still in there. I will leave him in there an hour, before he can come out. This is not the first time he has done this. 
 When I was packing up his bathroom {because we're moving, remember?}, I left the shower curtain laying in the floor. I put him to bed the first night and he didn't bother it. Then, the next night, he peed all over it, the extra bags I keep in there for cleaning out his litter box and then the shower stall. I was livid! It took forever for me to clean it up and get rid of the awful smell.  I ended up just throwing away the shower curtain and bleaching the entire bathroom.

 Anyone have any idea why he is doing this? He has his own litter box and I clean it out every other day, which is usually not a problem. I assumed he was just mad at me when he peed on the shower curtain, or upset because Jeremy had been gone almost two weeks, at the time. But, he has no reason to be upset and pee on the towel in the bathroom. It really upsets me when he acts crazy like this. For some reason, it stresses me out to the point that I want to get rid of him. And I really don't want to do that; I do love him. I'm hoping to get him fixed soon and maybe that will end all of his acting out. 

Anyone have any suggestions until then?

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I dont know much about cats but that must be frustrating!


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