06 April 2012

Who's ready for Easter?

Dyed Easter eggs for the kiddos with Lou-Lou today. It was a lot of fun. I didn't realize I had dyed so many. 
Gene Simmons from KISS

 Left is the front.                                      Right is the back.

Angry egg                                                           Frog egg, egg. LOL.

 Most of them were mine because Amanda spent a lot of time on one egg, painting it with nail polish. You can't tell in the pics though, because she turned it. But the back of the one with hearts on it, has nail polish all over it. LOL.

1 comment:

Jaybee said...

You made some really cute eggs. My favorite is the blue one with swirls. I wonder why Gene Simmons is such a popular egg this year? I had so many facebook friends posting their ''Gene eggs' I felt like I had missed out on the latest craze lol!


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