04 April 2012


Amanda had a dentist appointment yesterday, so Mama and I watched the kids. Boog helped me clean out the toybox while Mimi put Boo-Boo down for a nap. While we were going through the toys, I found a boat that looked like it blew bubbles. The batteries appeared to be dead, so I set it aside until we finished. 
When I took it apart and added new batteries, it started whirring, so I asked Mama if she had bubbles. Boog says, "Mimi, do you got any bubbles? Go get some bubbles. We need dem." Mimi did not have any, so I "made" some with dish liquid. While I was standing at the sink mixing the liquid with water, Boog says, "Look Bit-Bit, you do have bubbles! Wots of bubbles!" and he pointed at the sink where the dishes were soaking in soap water. LOL.
 "Dat's a wot of bubbles!"
 I told Mama that her coffee table was going to be super-clean!
 "Take my pikchure, Bit-Bit!"
 "Can you take a pikchure of my hann?"
 It was a lot of fun. :) I love my Boog!

1 comment:

Jaybee said...

He is too cute!


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