20 September 2012

Today's word is PUKE: Brought to you by the letter P!

I deserve a beer after the morning I've had. But since I don't drink and we don't have any beer anyway, I'm drinking J's last Mountain Dew! So there! 

Who doesn't love cleaning up puke in the mornings? Especially dog puke...
Sabrina has been puking nearly every 20 minutes since 0600. At first, it was small puke, then it got to be bigger puke. I started off cleaning up two small spots on the carpet, then I had to clean 6 large spots on the CARPET. Now I'm having to wash the dog bed, a comforter and a couple of towels. Poor Bina...
I think we need to take her to the vet. And I thought J should share in my lovely morning, so I sent him a photo of her puke and then called to tell him that we should take her to the vet. 
I would share that lovely photo with y'all, but I'm trying to drink this here Mt. Dew and eat my blueberry poptart without puking myself...plus, it has been almost 30 minutes since the last puking and I'm sure it's due.

I hope you lovely folks have a wonderful morning...whatever day it is.
Seriously, it feels like a Monday. Can someone check the calendar for me? I'm too tired to look.

**Update: Make that two dog beds... Vet appt. at 4:30. (I don't have a way to take her there myself. Have to wait for J to get home.)

18 September 2012

RTT: For the love of the couch!

This post is gonna mostly be about a couch... More specifically, our first couch. This couch:
Here it is in Elijah's Barrel, next to the ottomon that I later bought.

Still in the Thrift Shop, Elijah's Barrel-March 2009.
We lived in our first apartment in Pell City, AL for 5 months without a couch. 
I loved the little thrift shop in downtown Pell City and visited it often,
especially after work. I found our couch for a steal- $250.
Mom came over with the truck and helped us move it the short mile to our apartment.
Here's Jeremy and our precious nephew, Boog (at 9 months old :).

Bit-Bit...that flash is bright!
Here's the couch on moving day in August 2009.
From there, the couch and the rest of our stuff, went into storage 
for almost two years while J was deployed and after while he was looking
for a job. Then we moved to Anniston. Here's Bina snoozing on the couch. :)
Then Tobias joined our family and he loves to lounge on the couch too! Here is with
his Daddy and Bina.

 Later, Boo-Boo joined the family and got to enjoy the couch too!
 And then Boopsie came along and snuggled up to the couch
Then we moved to Madison and our living room is huge,
but our couch was the only thing to sit on.
Reba joined our family and she got to enjoy the
couch for a couple of days before we decided she was too 
hyper to be on it...but I captured her enjoyment. :) 
 And Boopsie came to stay with us for 5 days and she enjoyed
the couch some more.
Now it's time to say goodbye to our lovely couch. :( 
We've bought new furniture and even though we want to hold
onto the first piece of furniture we bought together, we don't
have enough room for it. 
Our couch has seen many family moments, held many a babe
and puppy and been the perfect place to hang out or take a nap.
I'm really going to miss it. :(

For more random stuff that doesn't involve my couch, visit Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and link up to Random Tuesday Thoughts! :) Have a great Tuesday! 

15 September 2012

Six Word Saturday

Watching Auburn Football 
with the fur-babies!

is still the host of Six Word Saturday.
If you want to participate, just type six little words describing your day,
 week, feelings...whatever, and post it to your blog. 
Then, head on over to Show My Face and link up! 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  
War Eagle!!

11 September 2012

September 11, 2012

We will NEVER forget.
God bless our troops and those who stand behind them, supporting them.
God bless our firefighters, police officers and volunteers.
Remember our Heroes today and always.

RTT: Cat crap, Homework, Justin Moore and Freaky Friday

  • Saturday, Jeremy and I went to the Lincoln County Fair in Fayetteville, TN. It was pretty cool except for the sun being in my face the whole afternoon. I rode the Sea Dragon
  •  and Jeremy rode the Free Fall thingy that takes you to the top of a pole and then drops you

Jeremy is second from the right.
  • After Jeremy rode that thing, we got a lemonade, but it wasn't that great. The guy squeezed one lemon into some sugar water. I couldn't even drink it. Jeremy had to. Then I stood in the line for the spinning thingy that Jeremy wanted to ride. It was ridiculously scary-looking. I took a video. Try not to get too dizzy watching it! Jeremy is in the second or third seat from the left. I can't be sure now. Well...psych! I couldn't get the video to load.
  • Afterwards we walked through the fun house...it was really lame. Then we just walked around until it was almost time for the concert. Then we had some corndogs and J had some onion rings. The corndog was great.
  • My phone decided to die just a few minutes into the concert, so I only got a few crappy pics. 
You can't see his face in any of the pics I took, but the one pic I took of his equipment truck turned out great. 

  • We were freezing and since we had waited over an hour after the concert was supposed to start, we decided to leave only 45 minutes after the concert started. It was sooo cold and we were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. We walked back to the car and went to get something to eat in the town nearby. After we ate, we stopped at the Alabama/Tennessee state line to get lotto tickets. We actually won $100 on one ticket! It was great. It paid for our trip to the fair. How ridiculous are fair prices??
  • So Sunday, I had a really horrible morning. Tobias crapped in the tub even though his litterbox wasn't that dirty. (Good thing I didn't take a picture of that!) And Reba ate an entire bowl of Sabrina's food. So ridiculous since afterwards, I had to walk her like 200 times, all while trying to write an English paper that was due today. 
  • Speaking of the paper--I got a B. WTH? My teacher is way too strict with her grading. Apparently I'm too wordy or something. Hmm... 
  • Just finished watching one of my favorite movies(Uh-oh, I used a prepositional phrase...that's too wordy!)--Freaky Friday. Not the newer version with Lindsay Lohan, but the older version with Jodie Foster.
That's all the randomness I can muster this week. I have about a bajillion notes to do in math. Head on over to Stacy Uncorked to keep up with the randomness. Keely is never coming back...ever! is still on hiatus and Stacy is still holding down the fort, so to speak. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

**Random note: The women on "Say YES to the dress" are really snotty and needy! Good grief..


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