20 September 2012

Today's word is PUKE: Brought to you by the letter P!

I deserve a beer after the morning I've had. But since I don't drink and we don't have any beer anyway, I'm drinking J's last Mountain Dew! So there! 

Who doesn't love cleaning up puke in the mornings? Especially dog puke...
Sabrina has been puking nearly every 20 minutes since 0600. At first, it was small puke, then it got to be bigger puke. I started off cleaning up two small spots on the carpet, then I had to clean 6 large spots on the CARPET. Now I'm having to wash the dog bed, a comforter and a couple of towels. Poor Bina...
I think we need to take her to the vet. And I thought J should share in my lovely morning, so I sent him a photo of her puke and then called to tell him that we should take her to the vet. 
I would share that lovely photo with y'all, but I'm trying to drink this here Mt. Dew and eat my blueberry poptart without puking myself...plus, it has been almost 30 minutes since the last puking and I'm sure it's due.

I hope you lovely folks have a wonderful morning...whatever day it is.
Seriously, it feels like a Monday. Can someone check the calendar for me? I'm too tired to look.

**Update: Make that two dog beds... Vet appt. at 4:30. (I don't have a way to take her there myself. Have to wait for J to get home.)

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