10 October 2012

RTT: Not enough time!

I haven't had a good rant in quite awhile, so I thought I'd step up on the soap-box and complain a little.
We can call this the Random Tuesday Thoughts that I didn't have until Wednesday...

  • I should be working on my History Midterm that is due Friday, but I don't feel like writing a 3-5 page essay today. I worked 8-9 hours straight yesterday on four short essays for my history midterm. WTH? Why does this professor assign so much work? I've been asking that from day one.
  • Not only do I have a history midterm due Friday, I have a math (in-class) midterm tomorrow at 6. Which means I only have today and tomorrow to study for the exam. Also, I have to drive two hours to my sister's house to study with her and then we have to drive at least 45 minutes to the campus. Furthermore, we have never been to the GSB at the Shelby Campus, so we have no idea where we'll be taking the exam. Hopefully our professor is just as nice as our professor from last semester. *fingers crossed*
  • I turned in an essay for English that was due the 7th a few days early. That was nerve-racking trying to get it done before the weekend so we could go to Talladega (we did go!).
  • Thankfully, my English teacher doesn't have anything assigned until the end of the month. I am so grateful for that.
  • My psychology professor obviously thinks that we don't have enough work to do, so he has assigned discussions now. He thinks we don't have enough interactions. It was fine with me! I didn't want to have to interact with another class. Isn't two interactions with two other classes enough?
  • Want to know what the next couple of weeks consists of for me? I'm gonna tell you anyway!
  • Tomorrow is the math midterm @ 6pm.
  • History midterm is due Friday @ 11:59 pm.
  • Jeremy has drill this weekend, so I will at least have all of my attention on schoolwork.
  • Chapter 8 Quiz in History opens up on Sunday, which means I have to have my study guide completed before Monday, so I can take the quiz on Tuesday; it's due at 11:59 pm on Tuesday.
  • I have another Psychology paper due on the 17th (just turned in the last one on the 4th).
  • Discussion Week 9 opens in History and is due on Friday the 19th.
  • Chapter 9 Quiz in History opens on the 21st, which means another study guide to complete.
  • Also, all next week, I have to work on Assignment 4 in Math which is due by 5pm on the 23rd for the extra bonus points.
  • Chapter 9 Quiz in History is due @ 23:59 on the 23rd.
  • Psychology Exam on Chapters 3 and 5 opens on my birthday, the 24th and closes on the 25th.
  • Discussion Week 10 opens on the 24th in History.
  • I have to respond to the discussion forum in English by 11:55 pm on the 24th.
Ridiculous, huh? It's never-ending! I never feel like I have enough time. When am I supposed to have fun?? Tell me that?! UGH!
*Stepping off of soap-box now*
I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather we've been having lately! It's awesome!
Be sure to link up with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked for Random Tuesday Thoughts. I didn't have a chance yesterday, so I'm just now doing it. Oh well! Not enough time in the day!

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