31 October 2012

Birthday Loot

I can't believe I'm 27.

So last Wednesday I turned 27 and I thought I would be alone on my b'day until Jeremy got off work. I had originally made plans with my Bestie, Jaybee, but her little boy got sick and she had to cancel.

 I woke up Wednesday at the usual time that J gets up to go to work and tried several times to get him up. Finally I told him, "Fine! You're gonna be late for work!" and went back to bed. I couldn't sleep because the sun was coming up and he was snoring and hogging the bed, so I went to the sunroom to sleep on the couch. Not too long after that, J came in there to tell me happy birthday and to bother me. LOL. He told me he had taken the day off to do whatever I wanted to do, which turned into mainly doing what he needed to do. *sigh*
  We took showers and got dressed to go out for breakfast. After breakfast at Chick-fil-A. {I didn't actually eat the brownie. I got it free through a promotion unlocked through Foursquare. Free brownie with purchase of combo!}
After breakfast, we went to the nail place and I got a mani and pedi.
Sabrina and Toby checking out my toes.
After we got back to the house and let the girls out one last time, we headed to B'ham to turn in some equipment to J's unit. It took forever to get there and we were there a couple of hours while Gina tried to help J find a replacement Kevlar, 3-piece sleep system, and Gortex poncho. (Anyone have an extra lying around????) He has to turn in all of this stuff because he is going active duty! Agh! I'm so excited and I know he is too.
When we left the unit, we went to Bessemer to the Army/Naval supply store to see if they might have the items he was missing. They had the Kevlar and the sleep system but they wanted to much for the sleep system for which they had taken out one of the pieces and was selling it separately for a much higher price than what it is worth used. The Kevlar was also the wrong size and they wanted too much for it too.
When we left Bessemer, we stopped in Fultondale for some McD's which wasn't that great. We went back by the house and let the girls out again before we headed out to get something to eat for dinner. I can't remember now if we shopped anywhere between the house and eating dinner, but we might have. lol. We ate at Chili's and I'm sad to say that the food wasn't that great (except for the southwestern eggrolls, because they are never bad! Yum!) and J got pissed b/c they didn't have Jack Daniel's for the drink I ordered. I had to order instead, a Malibull *Malibu and Redbull* for which they charged us for an entire can of Redbull but only gave me about 1/3 of a can. At least it was good!
J demanded they bring us the rest of the can and they did, but he poured it out in the parking lot b/c he wasn't sure if they had done something to it since we had complained. People do that you know!
In the parking lot, J let me open my birthday present from him. I didn't know it, but we had been riding around with it in the car all day! He even wrapped it himself! I think he did a pretty good job at it too. He got me a Dr. Shcoll's vibrating/heating seat thingy, but unfortunately, it doesn't fit my chair and it is really uncomfortable to sit on for any amount of time.
When we left Chili's we went to the movie stop store and bought a bunch of movies that we have been wanting. It was really cheap and surprisingly, they have a large selection of current movies!
Then, we realized our movie was about to start and we were already running late! We went to the dollar theater just down the street and watched Ice Age 4. It was really funny and I'm glad we got there in time to see most of it! Plus, it was only $3 for the both of us!
Here is what I got from my Family for my birthday:
From Sister:
From Boo-Boo, Boog, and Boopsie/Mommy:
From Bubba:
*Vermont Bear*
From Mama:
Wax Warmer! It is so pretty, but doesn't currently have a bulb. Boo!She also got me a package of tiny vials filled with glitter and a package of pretty beads! :)
♥ Thanks Family! I love my gifts! ♥

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Jaybee said...

I'm glad you had a happy birThday, but sad my plans got delayed causing me to have to change my original plan. Love you!


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