31 January 2013

I'm Pregnant...Now What?

In case you all haven't noticed...I've been a bit AWOL for awhile. Having morning sickness progesterone poisoning has taken a toll on me and I've been so weak (read: I didn't feel like doing anything) I haven't been up to blogging. But I'm going to try to fix that!

Since I don't want this blog to be all about my whining and pregnancy symptoms pregnancy, I've made another blog that y'all can read if you want to. I'm pretty honest and straightforward on it, so don't read it if you can't handle it! It's called I'm Pregnant...Now What? 

In case y'all were wondering, we're still here in Alabama, for the time being. Jeremy had papers in to get conditional release from the ARNG, but they don't want to release him. He wants to go active duty in June when his contract is up, but I'm hoping we can wait a couple more months so I can have the baby here. Don't want to switch doctors and all, but if it comes down to the wire, I'll just tag along with him! After all, it's what we both wanted! I hope we end up somewhere awesome. :)

School is going pretty well. I am actually a little behind, so I can't stay long on here. I've only made one B so far (in Science) but the teacher is supposed to correct my grade since the points were taken off because of her mistakes, not mine.

I've been invited to join the English Honors Society at JSCC and I'm going to join. Why? Because...that's why. (just getting some practice in!) If I get anything cool out of it, I'll letcha know.

I hope everyone had a great New Year's and is enjoying 2013! I know I'm a little behind. Sorry 'bout that!

It's almost February!! Are y'all getting excited!?

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