14 February 2013

Rewind 365

Found a new meme that looks like fun, but I probably won't remember to do it each week. It happens on Thursdays over at Cammo Style Love, hosted by Rheanna.

Rules are as follows:
Create a post with a picture, memory or even an old blog post from one year ago and make sure you include the Rewind 365 button so more people will join in the meme each week!
Tweet about your blog post.
Link your post on the linky at Cammo Style Love.
One year ago today, was Valentine's Day 2012 and I was:
expecting to spend Valentine's Day alone, but my awesome sister and her babies came to see me in Anniston so I wouldn't be all by my lonesome! :)
Boog played Mario while Boo-Boo napped and Boopsie played in the floor.
She was so little then!
(J was in Savannah for some kind of Army thing, so we had celebrated V-Day the weekend before with a trip to Maggie Valley, NC.)
So that's what  I was doing a year ago. Pretty boring. LOL. I only have a pic of Boog playing Mario:
 He was three!

1 comment:

Rhe Christine said...

don't you just love little surprises like that? its what helps us milspouses get through it huh!

can't wait to read more of the blog
thanks for following me :)


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