30 November 2010

Potty-training: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday again? This year is almost over. Can't believe there's only a month left....Anywho..since it's Tuesday again...


Today my sister and I started [trying] to potty-train my 2-year-old nephew, Boog. (He turned 2 in August.) We started out by placing him on the potty as soon as he woke up this morning. He screamed bloody murder and wouldn't do anything. As soon as we put the pull-up on him...he peed. Then we asked him every 30 minutes if he wanted to go pee-pee. He said no. Then just before naptime we took him again and he screamed bloody-murder again. It was definitely naptime. Then about an hour ago, my sister tried for 30 minutes to get him to pee-pee in the "big-boy potty" again and he wouldn't go. Less than a minute after he got off the potty he ran to the couch, naked and peed on it....

I asked him if he went pee-pee in the potty and he said, "No...I pee-pee" and then he pointed at the couch. SMH....

Any ideas on how to potty-train a two-year old? {Read as: Any ideas that work to potty-train a very stubborn two-year-old?}

LOL. I hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is December!!!!

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The Boog's Aunt "Bit-Bit"


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I was a big fan of the pants-less potty training. When they're ready they are repulsed by having anything run down their little legs. If they just let loose and it doesn't even bother them, they're probably not ready.

I started with Julia when she was 2 and she was fully trained just before age 3. That was a tough year. I might have just tabled it and saved myself some aggravation. It ended up being the sticker chart, M&Ms and sponge capsules (for pooping) as rewards that finally got her going in the right place.

Good luck - you're an awesome aunt!

NHGirl said...

Wow, this could be a post from my blog. :) I've given up potty-training for my two year old. He's a stubborn one (just like his mom), so I'm going to wait until he decides it's time. I figure he won't be in diapers forever, and I'm sick of stressing myself out over something that I have very little control over anyway.

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Potty training is a pain in the butt, if the potty trainee isn't ready. I've always waiting until my kids were begging to wear undies to start. Well, I take that back... I made the mistake with Her Highness to start the day she turned two, and lived to regret it. She fought it until she was THREE. So, I decided then, I could pull my hair out for an entire year, or wait until they were ready. It's worked out great with the rest of them, because I wait until they ask me for "unnerwares" and then we start. It's okay if he's closer to three before he's trained. Shoot, tons of my friends have waited until after they were three to even start! But, that's just my two cents! And as Bert reminds me daily, that's about all it's worth! :)

Whitney said...

Thanks y'all! My sister talked to Boog's pediatrician and she said to wait a little while longer until he's more verbal. She's going to take his diapers away completely then. Just give him training undies. *that was my idea to begin with...lol*

Wish us luck in February! I'll keep y'all posted. :P


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