17 November 2010

Tonsillectomy Update

As you know...or should know, since I did mention it last month...I had my tonsils taken out on the 10th; one week ago. I'm doing ok. My throat still hurts some, especially when I swallow. And now my tongue looks really gross. My mom says she thinks I have Thrush from the antibiotic, but the pics online look nothing like my tongue. I won't describe it, because even when I look it, it makes me feel sick. :{

I still can't eat solid foods all that well. I had some cornbread and buttermilk last night for dinner and today my throat feels horrible, so I'm sticking to liquidy foods and drinks today. Thankfully I'm not feeling any nausea today.

Hopefully I'll be able to blog again tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!

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