29 April 2012

Friendship bracelet/anklet Tutorial

Whoa...Blogger has changed on me. This may take some getting used to.

Every summer, I make these "friendship" bracelets and anklets for my Mom and I. 

They usually last all summer and when we take them off, we either save them or throw them out, depending on how they look. I had someone ask how I make the chevron design, so instead of trying to describe it, I thought I'd just make a post with pictures! So, yay tutorial. :P 

Embroidery thread or craft floss
   -About 3 feet each of 4 colors* {or you can double up on colors or have 8 different colors}
Safety pin or tape
*For beginners, it would be easiest with only four colors, but if you prefer having several, you can make the bracelet wider with as many strands as you want. As long as it is an even number. :) 

Step one
 Tie the strands together in the middle with a small loop at the top or a longer loop if you don't want the design to go all the way around the wrist or ankle. Pin the loop to your pants or sturdy surface or tape it to a table. Separate the strands so that they mirror one another.
 Step two:
  Cross A1 over B1 and pull it around and under to form a right knot. Pull tight {towards the right} all the way to the knot. Do this step twice EVERY TIME! Repeat this step onto C1 and D1. {Be sure to knot twice on each strand!}
Step three:
 Starting on the right side, cross A2 onto B2, around and under, to form a left knot. Pull tightly {towards the left} all the way to the top. Be sure to knot twice. Repeat onto C2 and D2.
 Step four:
 A1 and A2 should meet in the middle. Cross them like you are tying your shoes to form a knot. Do this twice to form a "V". 
 Step five:
 Start with B1 onto C1 and repeat the same steps until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist or ankle, comfortably. Tie a knot in the end to keep the strands from coming apart. You can then braid the ends so the bracelet can easily be removed, or you can tie it on and cut the strings off to make it permanent. 
And that's all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

06 April 2012

Who's ready for Easter?

Dyed Easter eggs for the kiddos with Lou-Lou today. It was a lot of fun. I didn't realize I had dyed so many. 
Gene Simmons from KISS

 Left is the front.                                      Right is the back.

Angry egg                                                           Frog egg, egg. LOL.

 Most of them were mine because Amanda spent a lot of time on one egg, painting it with nail polish. You can't tell in the pics though, because she turned it. But the back of the one with hearts on it, has nail polish all over it. LOL.

04 April 2012


Amanda had a dentist appointment yesterday, so Mama and I watched the kids. Boog helped me clean out the toybox while Mimi put Boo-Boo down for a nap. While we were going through the toys, I found a boat that looked like it blew bubbles. The batteries appeared to be dead, so I set it aside until we finished. 
When I took it apart and added new batteries, it started whirring, so I asked Mama if she had bubbles. Boog says, "Mimi, do you got any bubbles? Go get some bubbles. We need dem." Mimi did not have any, so I "made" some with dish liquid. While I was standing at the sink mixing the liquid with water, Boog says, "Look Bit-Bit, you do have bubbles! Wots of bubbles!" and he pointed at the sink where the dishes were soaking in soap water. LOL.
 "Dat's a wot of bubbles!"
 I told Mama that her coffee table was going to be super-clean!
 "Take my pikchure, Bit-Bit!"
 "Can you take a pikchure of my hann?"
 It was a lot of fun. :) I love my Boog!


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