30 April 2013

Finals Week

Actually last week we had finals, too, but this is the last week of finals. I've already turned in my American Literature, Physical Science and Psychology finals. The only one left is the dreaded Calculus final on Thursday. I will try to post Friday if I'm not completely devastated! "I think I can, I think I can..."

Wish me luck and if you're the praying sort, pray for me (and my sister) please! 

09 April 2013

RTT: I don't know...

Lemme go ahead and just start of the random with a bunch of bullets...you know how much I love those! 
  •  Got a new post over at "I'm Pregnant...Now What?". Read it and leave me some advice! 
  • J and I did some thinking and since he was told by the recruiter he can't go active right now, we are just going to stick it out here in Huntsville/Madison until after the baby comes. No sense in switching doctors and cities right before my due date. So we're stuck in this two bedroom apartment. I think we're going to be able to make it work though. As long as we're not still here when the baby starts crawling! We seriously need a room for just our sharp pointy furniture! LOL.
  • We got a new washer and dryer! I'm in love...mainly with the color, but also with the fact that they are both quiet and I can wash more at one time. Plus, hello! Energy efficient! I hate that we couldn't get the pedestals because of the shelves, but the guy at Lowe's said if we move somewhere that we will have the room for them, they will come out and install them for us! Sweet! It sucks having to get into the floor to do laundry. Especially when you're pregnant! 

    I finished my American Literature research paper in one day! Only took me five hours!  
    • I'm really frustrated right now, because I can't get the stupid bullets to work right anymore, so I'm not going to even write anymore...so there! Stupid blogger.
    That is all the random I can handle today. I'm about to throw this laptop. Go see if Stacy is having a better day at Stacy Uncorked, and link up with the randomness! 

02 April 2013

RTT: Nesting and Breaking up our Family

So last week, I got a nesting itch and had to have Jeremy help me rearrange the bedroom. We moved the bed from one wall to the other and then moved everything else around the room to accommodate the bed's new position. I liked it pretty well except for the fact that our bedroom will soon become the baby's room since we aren't moving. 

We looked at houses for rent in our area, but our apartment complex requires two months prior notice before moving out. I think it's ridiculous...it's not as if they can show/rent the property while we're living here. They also require a fee of one month's rent to break the lease. We don't want to pay that and we don't have anywhere to move, thanks to the sequestration. *grumble grumble* So it looks like we're going to have to make our small two-bedroom apartment work for now. Which means we will have to get rid of Tobias. :( I love my Toby. I mean, look at this sweet pic of him when he was a baby:
 And this one:

He is the most loving cat that I've ever known. He calls me "mama" and begs to be picked up when I let him out of his room in the mornings. He has calmed down a lot now that he is almost two. It's just, we live in a two bedroom apartment! There is nowhere to put his litter boxes and I can't have him climbing into the crib with the baby. Since the baby will have his/her own room, Toby won't have his own room anymore and he really needs to be put up at night since he is a cat after all...mischievous and curious. 

I had the nesting itch again last night and I had Jeremy help (read: Jeremy did all the hard work) me move our bedroom to Toby's room (which is the apartment's master bedroom b/c it has a bathroom). We moved everything from that closet to the storage closet and then the baby clothes/gear went into our old closet. Our old bedroom is still a disaster, but the master bedroom is in working order and I cleaned the tub out today (Toby's litter boxes were in that bathroom). 

Now Toby's litter boxes are in the guest bath, which means the entire hallway stinks because J hasn't cleaned them out in awhile. We can't put Toby in that bathroom at night because it's just too small and he begs to be out. We can't leave him out in the "general population," as J calls the apartment as a whole, because he gets into stuff. 

It just breaks my heart...
I don't want to have to find my little furry buddy a new home...I loves him.

 Link up with Stacy Uncorked for more randomness. She's been crafty this week!


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