23 December 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! I'm completely ready for Christmas to come and go. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas. I'm just tired of all the stress and trying to make plans with three different families. Phew...

Thursdays are so boring in blogging world. {Someone really should create a Thursday meme! *hint hint*} I thought it would be interesting to give y'all a couple of

December 23, 1888
After an argument with fellow painter Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh takes a razor and removes a portion of his left ear. Their quarrel regarded the prostitutes in Arles who seemed to prefer Gauguin over Van Gogh; the painter delivered his ear to one Rachel, who preferred Van Gogh. She fainted. 
December 23, 1995
Bodies of 16 members of the Solar Temple cult who had committed suicide are found on a plateau in the French Alps. Their bodies are charred and arranged in a star formation. Causes of death included stabbing, asphyxiation, gunshot, and poisoning. In 1994, 53 other members had committed suicide in similar fashion. 
Interesting, right? People are crazy. 
But God is Great all the time! 

Has everyone gotten all of their shopping done? I 
finished last night. I only had to buy a few stocking-
stuffers and I was done. No surprise that Wally World
was really busy when we checked out. My sister
and I stood in line for about 25 minutes. 
Thank God the guys had the babies. I don't 
think we could have made it. LOL. 

J and I met up with his parents, sister and brother-in-law
at Applebee's last night. It was a great meal and it was
good to see his parents. It's been awhile since we've
seen them since they do live in Florida. {They brought J's
dog, Sabrina, up with them. She's staying at my sister's 
Sabrina in front of Amanda's 
Christmas tree. She looks a little bit evil.
Today, J and I are having his family over to Mom's house,
so we can exchange gifts. I hope they like what
we got them. :)
For Jeremy's parents, I got a Boyd's Bears figurine:
Rooney...Proud to be an American

For his Dad, we got a Coat-of-Arms & Family History
from Family Crest in Ober-Gatlinburg:
This is just one of their samples. "Oaks" looks 
a lot different. {We also got one for ourselves, 
since they were BOGO half-off!}
For Miranda (J's sister), from Willow Tree® 
by DEMDACO- Child of My Heart:
She should be having her baby boy in 5-1/2 weeks!

For John, J bought a gift card to Academy. LOL. Men are so hard
to buy for! I also got Miranda a scrapbook for 
the baby and a few small things for everyone else.
I hope they will like these gifts. I know I do! :) 

What are y'all buying for your family members? Or 
In-laws, friends, neighbors, etc?

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