21 December 2010


 It's already Tuesday again?? I LOVE Tuesday! The only thing that EVER happens on Tuesday is Random Tuesday Thoughts; brought to you by The Un-Mom

How's this for Random?...

I was stumbling the other day and came across Exteme Repurposing.
(Since you are probably too lazy to follow the link busy to follow the link, I'll recap for you...extreme repurposing is reusing everyday items as something else...) I was reading the comments section below the pictures, I read someone's comment that the funnel hook was "obviously a menstrual cup"...Whoa. 

What the heck is that? So I googled it.....


Where do I start...

Apparently it's going to replace Tampons and Pads...

Here is a site about one brand: Fleurcup.

And here is a sample of the product:

I'll let y'all conclude your own opinions. Feel free to comment about it. In fact...I implore you to do so...NAOW!

For more less-disturbing, interesting, randomness...visit Keely at The Un-Mom.


Nicole said...

You couldn't pay me to be that green.

Barb said...

Hmmm. I'm just glad I'm past that. Not that I'm OLD enough to be past that. But I've had my kids so when I complained to the doc about pain he burned out the inside of me. So no more need for any of that stuff. It's great.
TMI? maybe!


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