08 April 2011

Please vote for us!

Jeremy and I are entered into a contest on DisneyFamily.com
to win a free Fairy Tale Wedding in the Happily Ever After Contest.
If you aren't entered and you are feeling up to it. Would
you please vote for us? It only takes a few minutes to register,
if you're not already. :) 

Here is the link:

If I win, I'll invite you to the wedding! 

Here's our story:
{The short version.}

J and I met in 2007 and started dating in October. On Mar 12, 2008 we were engaged (the day before he left for AIT for the Army) I followed him to VA and we were married in a park by an Army Chaplain. A high school friend of J's who happened to be in the area took photos for us. She sent us 7 of the photos and despite numerous attempts to contact her for the rest, she ignores us.
After returning to AL, we got an apt and started our lives together. Then, in Sept 2009, J deployed to Afghanistan. He returned in Sept 2010.
For our 2nd anniversary, J was deployed and it looks as if the Army will have him again for our 3rd anniversary this summer.
We would love to win the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding so we can renew our vows and have more than 7 photos of our special day. Despite being apart for a year of deployment, our love is stronger than ever! With or without a fairy tale wedding, our life together is a dream come true. I've found my Prince Charming! And he wears Combat Boots!

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