08 November 2011

RTT: "Here are your buh-ooks"...

Haven't posted an RTT in awhile. I always come up with the best posts in my head right before bed or while I'm busy doing something else and then by the time Tuesday rolls around, my brain is fried and all I can remember is if when my crops are ready on Farmville.

Watched one of mine and my bestie, Amy's favorite movies the other day. She's the Man. We practically know every line. :P "I gotta lifetime-a knowledge."

The bug man came today to put some peanut-butter-looking-gunk in the cabinets. I haven't seen any bugs in our kitchen other than the ants at the beginning of summer and this is the first time this guy has been around since he sprayed in June. Hmm... Must be because we're fairly clean people. He said he services 1300 apartments every month and he sees some really nasty places. And all I'm thinking is I hope none are hitching a ride on your clothes. 

My new niece will be here on Monday! I can't wait! I'm so excited! My sister accuses me of not caring because I never visit with her. But seriously, it's an HOUR away. I HATE driving period and an hour is so tedious. I really do love my nieces and nephews though. 

Speaking of my sister; she LOVES Christmas and since she's going to be taking care of a newborn and two toddlers between Thanksgiving and Christmas, she's already put up her Christmas decorations and wrapped the presents she's already bought... Have I gotten any shopping done? No. And I probably won't be able to do much, since no one is hiring and J will be out of work for two weeks during Christmas. He really wants to go see his brothers in Florida over the break and right now, that isn't possible. If we sell my old car, then we will be able to go on Vacay...maybe. I just hope everyone understands that we won't be able to buy much this Christmas. That's not what it's all about anyway. Maybe I'll make 'em something. Anyone want to donate some toilet paper rolls and glue? I'm serious about this...

J is using my car this week since his is out of gas. I took him back to work today after lunch and then went to the library. They called me yesterday to let me know a book I had reserved a month or more ago, was finally in. The Help by Kathryn Stockett! I'm so excited. Right now, though, I'm reading Wanna Get Lucky? by Deborah Coonts. I was contacted via email by a publicity manager for Deborah Coonts. She wanted to recommend the book because I love Janet Evanovich. 

 So far, I've read 180 something pages and I LOVE it! She's right about it being similar to Janet Evanovich's characters but not too similar. I love how they flow quickly and make you want to keep reading until dawn. Also, I noticed some similarities between characters in this book and Jessica Speart's Rachel Porter series. Where Lucky has an apartment neighbor/best friend who dresses in drag and is straight, Rachel has {in one of the books} a best friend/neighbor who dresses in drag and is gay. Really similar there and in a few other areas Wanna Get Lucky? reminds me of Stephanie Plum {in Janet Evanovich's books} where she has more than one hottie vying for her attention. Can't wait to see what happens next!

I'm tired of fighting for the keyboard with Tobias, so I'm going to go work on a puzzle. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! :) This time next week, I'll have a new baby niece! :):):)

Not enough random for you? Check out Stacy's blog, Stacy Uncorked; she's still hosting this shindig!


Jaybee said...

Hope you had a great day today! And omg I can't believe that Olivia will be here on Monday! You have to keep us updated for sure! Anyways I feel ya on the whole Christmas situation. We have six kids to buy for and they all think they should get a ridiculous amount of money or gifts. Plus family to buy for. It's stressful. I actually went Christmas shopping last night.... I have never started this early before. But I don't want to be so last minute like I always am. Anwyas enjoy the book, I just started on mine and so far so good. Going to see the movie next week.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Congrats on the new niece! That will be so fun to have a small baby around. You might make the drive more often now! Good luck on the job! Maybe someone will be hiring holiday help.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

I thought I was the only one who wondered what the service men were bring in my house.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's one of the things I don't miss about apartment living - worrying about getting infested by other people's bugs. :)

I have the same problem - thinking up great posts as I'm falling asleep, then going completely blank when it's time to write 'em down.

WooHoo! I bet you're excited for the arrival of your niece! Your sister is smart to have all her Christmas stuff done...I try to have mine done by Thanksgiving, but the last few years I've been Last Minute Jane...hopefully I've made a good start this year...*fingers crossed*

Homemade gifts are always the best - and if you're realllllly serious about the toilet paper and glue, email me your address and send you some! :)

Amy said...

I did love this and I miss you so much!! My heart is breaking right now thinking of you... Don't sell your old car unless you really have to. I mean normally I would say yes, but I know how much that car means to you... Lurb you :)


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