15 May 2013

Book Review: "Fly Away Home"

Fly Away HomeFly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was another quick read by this author. I liked it and again, it was very easy to follow the plot and little concentration was needed. (Are you seeing a pattern? Prego-brain!) I felt bad for Sylvia when she realized what her husband had done. I felt even worse for Lizzie because of all that she had been through and how she was the black sheep of the family. I couldn't believe Diana was doing nearly the same thing her father had done and I loathed her husband, Gary. Overall, the characters were easily-liked and easy to relate to on some level or another. I at least felt sympathy for them all because of what Richard had done. No one likes to be in the limelight for a scandal.

I know this isn't a series, but I wish that J.W. had written it to be a series so we can find out what happens with Lizzie and Jeff and whether or not Tim becomes part of the bigger picture for Sylvia. Oh well.

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