21 May 2013

RTT: Summertime, School, Mother's Day, etc.

It's Random Tuesday Thoughts, brought to you by Stacy at Stacy Uncorked! Be sure to check out her blog and link up if you want to participate! 
  • It's finally summertime! We got to get in the pool yesterday and even though it was really, really cold at first, we stayed in for about 30 minutes or so. Today it's supposed to be upwards of 89°F, so I'm hoping we can go swim again when J gets off work! 
  • We decided to keep Tobias around for now. I love him so much and it breaks my heart to think about finding him a new home, so we're looking into getting him de-clawed. He has been scratching up the furniture lately and we can't afford for him to do that. We really can't afford for him to scratch the baby when he/she arrives, so Toby needs those little daggers gone! 
  • ^^Toby listening to the baby yesterday. :) 
  • I'm 29 weeks as of yesterday! I am so excited! I can't wait to meet my little "acorn!"
  • My first Mother's Day as a mother-to-be was wonderful! J got me this beautiful necklace (the little diamond represents our little "acorn!"):
  • J and I went to church at Somerville Baptist and they gave all the mothers a little purse mirror:
  •  After church, we ate at Cracker Barrel. Then we went home to let the girls go outside to potty. J gave me my second mother's day present. It's a calendar to record the baby's first year. (It's pink, but he said that since I'm the one filling it out, it doesn't matter if we have a boy or girl. ): 
  • After resting a bit at home, we went to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was such a beautiful day! J took this pic of me standing on the bridge:
  • This past Saturday, J and I had maternity pics taken by my friend Audrey. It rained the entire time we were shooting and only stopped just after we were done for the day! But, even though it was raining, we had a great time and it was well worth it! Here's my favorite so far:
  • I made A's in American Literature, Psychology, and Physical Science and I made a B in Calculus! New semester starts the 23rd. I'm only taking Art Appreciation and Physical Science II. I'm hoping it will be an easy semester.
That's all I've got for now. Please pray for the victims of the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. 

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VandyJ said...

Congrats on those excellent grades--that's hard work!
Love that maternity picture!


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