21 June 2010

Cape Henry 2008

Not much going on lately...
Haven't had much ambition to do
a whole lot of anything...
I'm probably depressed,
but, now that June is almost over
And my favorite summer month is 
close at hand...
I'm starting to feel a lot better. :)

It was quite warm on this first day of 
summer. So I opted to stay indoors.
I read, watched a little t.v., snapped
a few pics of a lizard in a flower pot, checked 
Facebook and Myspace, and lounged
in the living room talking to Mom
and then Jeremy when he called.
Then I did a couple of scrapbook pages.
It seriously took only about 30 
minutes to do two pages!

I'm quite impressed with myself!
I may finish 2008 before Jeremy comes home.
Haha. Wishful thinking...

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