28 June 2010

"Moon Day"...

Just your typical Monday...
Went to Nana's, the bank, the grocery store, 
the post office, library and gas station.

Came home, washed 5 loads of laundry. You wouldn't think
one person could produce so much laundry!
But I've been putting it off lately, 
so I had 2 weeks worth of clothes
and towels! 
To top it off...I hang my laundry outside on the 
porch to save money on the electric bill.
(FYI, using your dryer during the day 
heats up your house and makes your air-
conditioner work that much harder! Save money
by hanging your clothes on hangers outside
or on a clothesline! :)

And just as soon as I finish the first load of
towels...it starts to thunder.
But that's ok! I just grabbed my camera and took
a few pics! You know how much I love clouds
and storms! 


Unfortunately, because I was oggling the clouds...
I missed 5 calls from Jeremy. :( 
*Sigh*...he'll call back later. 

On a more positive note...
I was featured in a blog over at the Mom-tage.
So, be sure to read my post and check
out the rest of the site! Feel free to leave a 
Hope everyone had a great "Moon Day"! 

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