22 June 2010

"Um..what if I don't have a #2 pencil?"-Random Tuesday Thoughts

 Remember all those SATs and other government-required tests we had to take in school that required a #2 pencil?

Why were they so specific as to what number was written on your pencil? Are we to assume there are other numbered pencils? 

And why did they want us to use those crappy yellow pencils with the erasers that don't erase. I think they were made out of plastic...Everyone knows it's the Lisa Frank pencils that don't say #2, that write the best and are most effective at filling in those little circles...good grief.

I liked to consider myself a rebel in school...(or the poor kid, whose parents bought whatever pencils were on sale, that just so happened to not have any markings whatsoever that categorized them as the appropriate #2 pencil....same difference). So one time in 6th or 7th grade when we were about to take the test...after the instructor had read off the directions on our forms...I realized that my pencil didn't say #2...or anything at all on it. And the rebel in me, went ahead and filled out the test anyway. Did I get credit for taking the test? Yes. 

Those people didn't know who they were messing with!

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Ruth said...

Were you by any chance in the band? You were about as rebellious as I was! I am still a square but now I have more company.

Happy RTT!

Whitney said...

No, I wasn't in the band. LOL. Just hung out with some of the band. :P


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