26 March 2012

Book Review: So Damn Lucky

So Damn LuckySo Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Alright Lucky! I enjoyed this book a lot more than the last. I was disappointed though, that Lucky is still having to solve murders. WTH is up with that? Why can't she just be the Customer Relations person for the hotel and nothing else? Coonts needs to just go ahead and declare Lucky a P.I. alongside The Beautiful Jeremy Whitlock and get it over with.

This time, instead of a swarm of bees, Lucky is dealing with a UFO convention and a bunch of magicians that are already getting on my nerves in the first few chapters. It was no surprise that Dimitri Fortunoff body disappeared when he "died" in Houdini's water box of death, or whatever it was called. I just can't figure out who stole his body and why? Why didn't Coonts reveal that at the end? I don't know. Maybe I just missed that explanation.

I was a little upset when Teddie started acting a fool and was being stand-offish towards Lucky. But, then I was hopeful that she and Dane might hook up, finally!

In the first two books, I was praying that she and Dane would be an item. Obviously, there was an attraction. I was overjoyed though, when she and Teddie finally realized their love for one another. He seemed like the perfect guy. I had a feeling though that he would become a flake once all the fame and fortune went to his head while he was out performing. So, it came as no surprise that he and Lucky called it splits afer one more rendevous. I'm thinking that Lucky won't be as intriguing once she's married off and probably this is what Coonts is thinking as well.

I really liked this book while I was reading it, but now that I'm actually writing the review, I'm going to change my rating to 4 stars. I now feel like it was missing something. The last page of the second book, Lucky Stiff tells us that Lucky's Mother, Mona is pregnant! But she really doesn't go into detail in the third book. I'm glad that they are finally going to go public with the secret of The Big Boss being Lucky's father. Yay for them. The truth will out!

You're in for a surprise when you find out who Lucky decides will be her next man. I was shocked!

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13 March 2012

Um...{Insert clever title here}

Had an awesome Saturday with Jeremy.
We went out to eat for breakfast at IHOP! Yum! I had the International Crepes with bacon and I ordered poached eggs, hard. But they were so runny, I sent them back to the kitchen for scrambled instead. They were good, but by the time the waitress brought them, I didn't want them anymore.
 After breakfast, we went to Dick's and bought me a baseball glove and some gun targets.
We went back to the house, packed up the truck and drove out to Heflin, to the Henry Creek Shooting Range. It was fun. I shot Jeremy's pistol and his .22. I really like the .22, since it doesn't have as much of a kick as the pistol. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself! 
With .40-cal.
with .22 rifle.
 After we got back from the shooting range, Jeremy washed his truck while I cleaned out the car. It was amazing how much junk we had accumulated in the backseat of the car. When we got done, we played catch for about an hour until it was too dark to see. It was a really great day! 
♥ my Hubby! :) 

06 March 2012

That Darn Cat

I'm annoyed.
 Last night while we were sitting in bed, Jeremy was watching TV, while I read. I had already put Tobias to bed. (He sleeps in the bathroom since I don't fully trust him to not destroy stuff while we're sleeping.) He would NOT shut up, so Jeremy told me to just let him out. Surprisingly, he did really well. I read until almost 2 and he laid by my shoulder sleeping until I finished the book. I turned off the light and rolled over to go to sleep and he didn't bother me all night. Unfortunately, he did come crying to me a few times this morning, wanting me to open the blinds in the living room. {He sits there most of the day, staring out the window.} I told him no and went back to sleep. LOL.
 When I finally got up, because he woke me up again, I went to let Sabrina outside and as I was walking by the bathroom in the hall, I got a strong whiff that smelled suspiciously like urine. I thought maybe Jeremy hadn't flushed or something. Although, he almost always remembers. I went into the bathroom and looked around, but didn't see any puddles. So, I went outside with Bina and after she pottied, we came back inside. I went back in the bathroom and stepped on the towel in front of the tub. It was wet. I knew that Jeremy hadn't showered this morning, since he showered last night. So, it shouldn't still be wet. I picked up the towel and smelled it. Sure enough, someone had peed on it. I know it couldn't have been Bina, since it would have made a lot bigger wet spot if she had peed. I popped Toby on the butt and put him in his bathroom. He's still in there. I will leave him in there an hour, before he can come out. This is not the first time he has done this. 
 When I was packing up his bathroom {because we're moving, remember?}, I left the shower curtain laying in the floor. I put him to bed the first night and he didn't bother it. Then, the next night, he peed all over it, the extra bags I keep in there for cleaning out his litter box and then the shower stall. I was livid! It took forever for me to clean it up and get rid of the awful smell.  I ended up just throwing away the shower curtain and bleaching the entire bathroom.

 Anyone have any idea why he is doing this? He has his own litter box and I clean it out every other day, which is usually not a problem. I assumed he was just mad at me when he peed on the shower curtain, or upset because Jeremy had been gone almost two weeks, at the time. But, he has no reason to be upset and pee on the towel in the bathroom. It really upsets me when he acts crazy like this. For some reason, it stresses me out to the point that I want to get rid of him. And I really don't want to do that; I do love him. I'm hoping to get him fixed soon and maybe that will end all of his acting out. 

Anyone have any suggestions until then?

01 March 2012

Not Blogging

You may all be wondering where I've been. Or not. LOL.
For one, I haven't been blogging. That's for sure. I really do regret that, because I love keeping up with everyone through my blog and by reading others' blogs. I haven't read any blogs since before Christmas. 
 I have been reading books though! If you haven't already, you can see all of the books I read in 2011, on my the tab at the top of this blog post. And, I started a new tab today with this year's books. I've already read 28! (There's one that I didn't put on the list because it was just nasty. I don't recommend it, at all.)
 Another reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been packing. Oh yeah, that's right. We're moving yet again. Our lease is up at the end of the month, so we're moving all of our stuff into storage, again. I'll be staying with Mama...again, while Jeremy is in school in Pennsylvania for the ARNG. Of course, that is still to be determined, whether or not he is going. He has yet to receive his orders... Hurry up and wait...and all that.
 While Jeremy was in Savannah, GA (his unit is getting a new model of Chinook and they all had to go to Savannah to Hunter Army Airfield for Academics on the new model.), I packed up the living room, spare room, laundry room, bathrooms, bedroom and threw out at least 10 bags of trash and made a giant pile of stuff to donate. I also took out some things my Mama and sister could use and took to them. Including a really heavy tv for my nephew's room. It was ridiculously hard to get in the car by myself, but I managed after struggling with it for an HOUR! The only thing I haven't packed yet are the electronics (i.e. tv, satellite receivers, dvd players and PS3), clothes, miscellaneous junk everywhere and the kitchen. I plan on doing the kitchen this weekend while it's raining. I might even start on it tomorrow, since it's supposed to rain then, too. Saturday, hopefully I will have Janel's help in going through the storage unit and getting rid of things we don't use or need. Most of the stuff in there is Jeremy's or baby clothes. I plan on going through the baby clothes and getting rid of anything I don't think I'll ever use; especially the stained clothing. I plan on donating everything to our local thrift store when we're moving out.
 Today, of course, the sun is shining and it is so warm outside. I really should be down at the storage unit working on it now, instead of blogging. Oh well. I don't have the car, so I can't bring anything out of the storage unit that I want to donate. I'll just have to leave it in there.

Wish me luck with packing and *fingers crossed* Jeremy's absence. Of course, his job contract is over on the 16th, so when he gets back from Pennsylvania, he'll have to find a new job. I pray that he finds one quickly and we can move sooner rather than later. I hate having to depend on my Mama for somewhere to stay, but then again, I didn't really want to stay here in Anniston by myself. 

Hopefully this won't be my last blog post. Haha. I do have my own laptop now, thankfully! :) 

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