03 September 2010

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In #6

Note: As I said before, this post is scheduled since I am...busy. :)

This is probably only the second time I've gotten the Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In done before Friday. HA! And it's all thanks to Wife of a Sailor who hosts the Friday Fill-Ins and who emailed me this week's questions a day earlier than normal so that I could participate. Without further ado:

1. What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? From A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench
I'm not really sure what would be considered a weird/funny superstition...I have to say though that thinking there's something watching me is probably weird.
2. What are your hopes and dreams AFTER the military? After all, we aren't in it forever! From Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos
I haven't really thought about it much. It's still all pretty new to me, even after almost 3 years of being with my Husband. I won't think about it now, I'll think about that tomorrow. HA!
3. Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no, really!), I'd probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? From NH Girl Displaced
I don't cook. So I really don't have a recipe. But one of my favorite apple recipes that my MOM makes is to core the apple, fill full of brown sugar and cinnamon. Put a pat of butter on top, place in bowl, cover with plastic wrap and microwave on high for about 6-8 minutes or until tender. It was the best after-school snack, especially in the fall. :)
4. How long have you gone, as a military spouse without talking to your husband during service? From A Navy Princess and Her Little Sailors 
The longest I've gone is probably two weeks. It was horrible. 
5. I occasionally watch "When I was 17..." on MTV. So, what was significant about your 17th year of life? From Ashley Amazing
I really couldn't tell you anything significant that would interest you...I got my license when I was 17 and had my first and only wreck, so far *knock on wood*. That's about it...

That's it for this week's questions. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday and an awesome weekend! Happy Labor Day and all that jazz! For more Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-Ins and to participate, head on over to wifeofasailor.com and link up!


Veronika said...

cute blog (:

Kristen said...

I love doing that with apples! I usually add some icing or glaze to them if i have it around. So good!
On another note, if I'm alone I always get a fleeting feeling that someone is watching me. It doesn't help that we have a huge glass sliding door as our front window!


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