02 September 2010

Plans gone awry: Update

Note: All posts this week are scheduled due to the mass load of laundry and tasks I have yet to finish...

Tuesday was a busy, busy day. I had so many errands to run, I never thought I'd finish. As I posted last Friday, my car had to be taken to the shop to find out why exactly, Wally World couldn't do my oil change. 

So this morning, bright and early, Mom followed me down to drop my car off. I went in, told the guy my supposed problem and left him the key. Took all of 3 minutes. 

We left there and headed to The Pinnacle. I had to pick up an order that the Hubby placed for me. I got there and tried on the intimate apparel and they were...not what I consider...me. So, I tried on LOTS of different items and finally settled on a few of them. After we left that store, Mom and went to Claire's and I got some accessories to wear with my outfit for tomorrow. 

Then we had to go to Mom's eye-doctor appointment. They checked the pressure in her eyes and it was still high, so they wanted to run some more tests. Unfortunately, we had already set up a lunch date with Suzette (a fellow army wife) for 1:15 so they had to cancel the tests and set up a new appointment for Mom. 

Of course, after we left there, we met up with Suzette and had an awesome lunch at Chick-fil-A. It was so yummy! We talked for over an hour. I'm surprised we even finished eating! 

Then we went over to the shopping center and I got my hair cut and eyebrows waxed. Lemme tell you...that was PAINFUL! But completely necessary! HA! 

And, because no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes, we went to Kohl's. I found the cutest Mudd shoes! They were only $9.99! I saved $40! What do you think?

After we finally left there, I called to check on my car since no one had called me yet. The guy who answered was surprised when I told him that no one had called. He then told me that there was absolutely no problem with my oil pan or the plug. There was no reason Wally World should have declined to change my oil. All it needed was a proper mechanic apparently. He did replace the gasket while he was at it. 

Lesson learned: Don't go to Wally World to have your oil changed. 

We had a great day, but it was VERY exhausting. So glad I got all that accomplished though. :)

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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