27 August 2010

Plans gone awry...

Tuesday Mom and I took my car to Wally World to get the oil changed...after waiting about 45 minutes, they tell me that they can't do the oil change because they can't get my plug out. I asked why and they said either the plug or the pan was stripped. I asked if it at least had oil in it and they guy told me it was full. So I drove all over the place shopping with Mom and then when I got home, a light on the dash came on telling me I had "Low Engine Oil Level". I told Mom about it and she said to check it in the morning when it cooled off. So yesterday, I did just that and there was hardly any oil in it at all. I then called Wally World and told them I had no oil in my car. They told me they had to call me back.
So she and I went to do the laundry

When they finally called me back, I missed the call. The manager of the TLE left a message for me to return his call ASAP. So I did. The lady that answered told me that he had gone to lunch. Seriously? You call me and then 2 minutes later, you go to lunch? How unprofessional. The lady told me that she had been filled in on the issue. She then told me that my oil change was declined because I had an oil leak when my vehicle was brought in. I told her that, NO...I didn't. It's impossible that I had an oil leak. There's NO OIL in my driveway! I've had the car since May and I'm positive that the oil would have leaked out before now. She told me to bring my car back down there today (Thursday) and they'd take a look at it. Ohhhhh-Kay...

I had already made plans to go to Huntsville to see two of my friends. I had to message them back and let them know I wasn't coming because I had a car problem. I honestly thought my car problems would be over now that I wasn't driving the '88 Toyota Camry anymore...but lo and behold...

So, I took my car to Wally World and a guy that I went to school with is apparently one of the managers or something...He looked at my car and told me that I did NOT have an oil leak, but the plug wouldn't come out and that I probably just needed a new plug or worst case, my drain hole re-tapped. He told me it would be safe to drive but I still needed to get it taken care of ASAP since I did NEED the oil change. Hence my reason for taking it to get changed in the first place... 

So instead of getting to hang out with friends Thursday and Friday, I have to deal with my car. I'm going tomorrow to have my car looked at by a respectable mechanic that is nearby. Thankfully I'm not having to pay towing charges since my car is ok to drive for a little while longer. 

On a more positive note; I was contacted yesterday (Wednesday) by a high school friend, Audrey who is now a really awesome photographer. She wanted to do some pictures in our Hometown and asked if my sister would be willing to let her photograph The Boog. Of course, Lou-Lou said yes. Then Audrey told me that unfortunately, she would only be free on Thursday. I was like, Oh NO! What a great time for my car to be messed up. I had to tell her it would depend on what was said about my car as to whether or not I could bring him. Thank God they told me it was ok to drive. Because we had a blast! I'll tell you all about it in the next post! :)

Update: I called the place that I was supposed to take my car to and told them the problem my car has. They told me that they probably wouldn't be able to get my car in until Monday or Tuesday...good grief.

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