31 August 2010

RTT: I often think about reading the dictionary...

just for fun.
 Random right? That's because it's Random Tuesday Thoughts! Hosted by Keely at The Un-Mom, RTT is a way for you to dump out whatever you're thinking and call it a post! 

So here are my Random Thoughts:

I get on Facebook, that's most likely the problem, and I'm reading other people's updates or comments and all I see are the mistakes. Am I OCD? But seriously, how do you not know the difference between your and you're? I understand typos...and I'm usually okay with a second comment where you fix your spelling error...

I know, I know...it makes me seem stuck-up. I promise I'm not. My Mom has always drilled into my brain the differences between words and the fact that spelling well is always beneficial in life. Therefore, I can't help it and I'm blaming it on her. I don't think less of people because they must have just missed learning that in like...second grade? I just want to reach out and help them. 

I'm not the only one either. There's even a facebook page dedicated to it. Look here.

Unfortunately, only 34 people, so far, have "liked" it. I suppose there are more people that don't know the difference than there are those of us who do....oh well.

I think my teachers would be proud though...just saying. =) 

That's all I have for this week's Random Tuesday Thoughts. Head on over to The Un-Mom, see what Keely has done to the page and read everyone else's random thoughts. Don't forget to link up and write your own random thoughts! 

*Editor's Note: Sorry if this offends anyone. I didn't intend for it to be mean. :)


Mowenackie said...

You and Grammar Girl would get along great: http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/

I'm a stickler for grammar (and mechanics), too. It's so distracting to read something that's riddled with errors.

TAW said...

you're and your and their and they're and there. All. irk. me.

because I cannot read a sentence and not think it the way it is written. I cannot say:
"your being the grammar police. " (lol, not really) without thinking "your grammar what?" and by the time I do decide that it should be "you're" I've given up on the whole thing. and I move on.

but I am the queen of otherwise bad grammar so sue me for being a hypocrite. (and if I see hypocrite spelled hippocrit one more time I will slit my wrist).

Thanks for letting me get that out. ;)

Whitney said...

I agree completely! And you're welcome. ;)


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