27 August 2010

The Boog

So, as I mention beforeBoog and I met up with Audrey to do a photo session. We had a lot of fun! Even though it was 90 degrees outside, Boog was very cooperative and I think he had a blast! 

We met Audrey at the park and took a few pics: (These are only some of the 200+ pics she took!)

Boog with the "Uncle J" doll.
Oh duck!

Then we went to the old rock school:
After knocking on the "door".
Another door to knock on. I love this one!

Then we went downtown behind the older buildings:
Oh What?
 I love the way the colors POP in this one!
I'm also glad I put these red "flop-flops",
(as he calls them) on him. They look super-cute!
 You want me to what?
He told Audrey to "Get up!" 
and he offered to lend her a hand. =)
Running beside me...and looking over at me. =)
 He looks all boy in this one! 
 Such a cutie!! 
 This one is one of my favorites! No shoes!

And last, but certainly not least, my favorites, 
In the creek at the park:

 He can't believe I'm letting him play in the water...
fully-clothed! LOL. His expression is priceless!
He kept saying, "It's cold water. It's cold cold."
 This one, so far, is my ABSOLUTE favorite!
 I love this one too! :) 

I really recommend Audrey. She is an awesome photographer! She's great with kids and she's really sweet. =) I can't wait to see the rest of these pics! 

After Audrey left us at the park, Boog and I played in the water some more. He didn't want to leave until he saw something in the water and it scared him. He was practically climbing my leg to get out. Silly boy. It was just a seed pod. :P He had chill bumps, it was so cold in the water! We're probably going back today or Saturday. lol. 

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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Jesse and Marissa said...

great photos!!
i'm a new follower of yours :)


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