30 August 2010

It won't be long yeah...yeah...yeah...

..It won't be long yeah..yeah..yeah...It won't be long til I belong to you...Since you left me..I'm so alone...Now you're coming...you're coming on home...I'll be good like I know I should, You're coming home...You're coming home!...

I love that movie...Across the Universe, if you're wondering which movie I'm referring to. ;) 

I finally got to hear the 2nd greatest sound in the world today! The sound of my Husband's voice being the first, of course! My Husband's ringtone!! ("Our Song"-Taylor Swift) I was so excited! I started squealing in Cato's. LOL. I'm sure the rest of the people in there were looking at me funny, but I really didn't care. This deployment is almost over!! Hallelujah! Thank you Lord, for keeping my Soldier safe!

That's all the news I have for today...Mondays are always so boring.

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