13 July 2011

*Cough, Cough*....DIE. (Or at least lose a lung.)

I'm sure you're all wondering about the post from Wordless Wednesday. So instead of replying to everyone individually, I'll just recap Tuesday. 

I woke up sounding and feeling worse than the day before and I'd only started feeling bad Sunday. 

J insisted that he take me to the doctor. So, when he got home from work, we headed to the doctor he had just seen last week. 

I got there and signed in and around 3 and less than 10 minutes later, we were called to the back. The nurse, who has the bedside manner of a crocodile, weighed me, took my BP and O2 sat and temperature. I really despise this nurse because she is so cold and never smiles. When she was done, I gave a urine sample and another nurse took me to have x-rays. Then I went to the patient room and the same nurse who does x-rays came to take my blood. She couldn't find a vein and poked and prodded me for several minutes before trying the vein on the top of my arm. She moved the needle around several times and said that the vein was rolling. She left the room and went to get another nurse. By then, I was feeling nauseous probably because I had only eaten a pop-tart at 12:30. 

The nurse who took my BP (the one with the horrible bedside manners) came to try the other arm. She got the needle in but couldn't get any blood out and by then I was sweating profusely and feeling like throwing up more than ever. Another nurse came in then to help me lay down and she wiped my face with a cool rag. Then she checked my hands to find a vein. After trying both hands, she decided to call the doctor in to confirm that I needed an IV drip because I was overly dehydrated. The doctor came in and confirmed and the nurse, Melinda (who is super-sweet btw) put a butterfly IV in my left hand. A butterfly IV is used in infants because they have tiny veins, which I apparently have as well.
After she got the butterfly in, she left and came back with the Saline drip. She hooked me up to it and then left the room so I could rest; which was impossible since the examination table was so short and narrow. Later, she came back and injected the Saline bag with an antibiotic.

I had a headache so she came and gave me a shot in the hip when it didn't go away after an hour. Then, about 30 minutes before we left, the doctor came in and injected the IV port with a steroid shot. By the time we left, I was feeling a lot better so we went ahead to dinner for our date night. I ate half a basket of chips with dip at Mexico Lindo and then our food came. I ate the rice and some of the beans and a few bites of my chicken enchiladas before I started feeling sick again. We got our food to-go and headed to Walgreen's to pick up my Z-pack and a movie. But by the time we got home, I was feeling so awful, I couldn't watch the movie. I ended up "sleeping" on the couch since J can't afford to miss any more work from being sick. I couldn't go to sleep no matter how hard I tried, so I watched tv until about 2 am. Then I tossed and turned until 3. J got up to leave for work and woke me up at 5:45, so I got less than 3 hours. :( 
I tried sleeping after he left but, I felt so awful I couldn't. Hopefully this Z-pack will help me get better ASAP.
I'm supposed to go to my Sister's house this Friday to go with her to a dr. appt to find out what the sex of the new baby will be. I don't think I'm going to make it. She surely doesn't need to get whatever I have. Especially since she can't take anything while she's pregnant and the babies don't need to get sick at all. 
Left hand
Right arm stick.
Left arm stick.

 Pray for me y'all. And pray J doesn't get sick again.


Jessica said...

Oh my Whitney! That's terrible! I pray you feel better soon and that J doesn't get it again! I feel your pain with the IV they always have trouble finding a "good vein" and have to use a butterfly needle on me also! Hope you feel better soon!

Just Debbi said...

Awww, that's awful! I hate that you're so sick. And I apologize if you got it from me...or Josh. lol
I'm sending prayers up for a complete and speedy healing...and virtual hugs and kisses to you!!!!!! Love you!!!!

Chantal said...

Oh no!! I hope you start feeling better soon!!

Jaybee said...

Im sorry that your still sick. Praying for you to get better soon! Love you!

Jaybee said...

Im sorry that your still sick. Praying that you are better soon! <3 YA!


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