29 July 2011

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In #51

Friday already? 
Wifey over at Wife of a Sailor is changing it up this week. It's all about the "or's" this week. If you're going to particpate, be sure to explain why! And link up with Wifey! 
1. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook. I don't even have a Twitter account. I like Facebook and don't feel the need to change to Twitter. FB just works for me. :)

2. Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?
Soft. I don't like how the hard ones crack and fall apart when you bite into them. 

3. Gardening or Crafting?
Crafting! I love paper and scissors and glue and glitter. {I kow there's too many and's.} Everything that has to do with crafting. :) Gardening is okay, but I would much rather have clean hands.

4. Fruit or vegetables?
Everyone knows I have a sweet-tooth, so fruits. Love them! I like everything that is normal except kiwis. I ♥ papayas and mangos. But bananas and peaches are my favorites. :)

5. Motorcycle or bicycle?
I've never ridden a motorcycle by myself. Only a couple of times with my Daddy when I was little. So, I guess bicycle. I was a pro-cyclist when I was little. My sister and I would be outside ALL day riding our bikes and pretending. Mainly cops and robbers. We used leaves as "stolen money". LOL. Those were the good ole days. :P

You don't have to be a mil-spouse to participate in Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-Ins, so feel free to answer the questions on your own blog and link up here or with wifey! :) 


Jill said...

YAY for soft tacos! I have the same problem :)

Anonymous said...

I love mangos too! I love getting them from Sam's Club when you get a dozen already peeled and sliced. Unfortunately they're gone within 24 hours. Three kids = smaller portion size for Mommy, LOL! Following via MFF.

Sarah E. said...

I'm a soft taco eater for practical reasons too! Although I recently stumbled across a pretty sweet idea: you spread refried beans on the soft shell taco, as a glue of sorts, and you stick it on the hard shell taco! I want to try this ASAP.

We used to play cops and robbers on our bikes too :)) We'd put playing cards on the spokes to pretend they were motorcycles!


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